Cool Sh*t I’m Reading April 20

Cool Sh*t I’m Reading April 20

I have had an issue with sleeping since I was about 14 years old.  As a result, I spent a lot of time reading late nights, gathering some of the best information on strength and fitness I could.

While I was barely passing high school, and, not long after, failing out of University, one thing I did was read a lot.  Not what I was suppose to be reading, but stuff that I thought was fun and interesting.

Although I didn’t do well recalling what I was suppose to read, I did develop a love for reading.  I will use this to post some of the cool stuff I’m reading that may benefit you in some way.

I’ll show you mine and you show me yours!  (Your favourite reads, that is…)

Here is some of the cool sh*t I’m reading this week:

=> “5 Practical Ways To Change Your Life” 

James Smith ->

If you don’t read Smitty’s blog you are missing out!  The guy puts out so much quality info on training & life that you should make this a must-read.  Smitty, you are doing great things.


=> “The Top 10 Weight Training Exercises For Building Muscle” 

Jason Ferrugia ->

Check out my blog post of my weekend training at Jay’s gym, The Renegade Gym.

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=> “Ten Tips To Spring Clean Your Mind”

Charles Poliquin-> Ten_Tips_for_Spring_Cleaning_Your_Mind

Charles got me started in weight training.  Before I read Poliquin’s stuff back in the Muscle Media 2000 days I thought weight training was all about the wrong things. Charles enlightened me to actual strength training.

Next month I get to do his level 1 Bio-signature course and I am pumped.


=> “Don’t Hire A Personal Trainer For Fat Loss”

Adrian Crowe ->

I am a huge fan of Adrian’s blog.  Go check it out and you will see why.  Keep it going Adrian.



=> Warrior Cardio ->

Martin Rooney –> I’m a Martin Rooney junkie. If you missed it read all the awesomeness HERE & HERE.

Check this link to see what Martin has to say about Rippedin42 (Watch me blush lol).


=> “The Top 7 Constructive Ways To Look At Money”

Greg Williamson ->

Have you ever thought about your relationship with MONEY?  It’s a VERY VERY important thing.


That’s it for tonight.  How about you? What are you reading?



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