Rob’s Reccomended Reads May 20

Rob’s Reccomended Reads May 20

I am here in Kansas city for The Fitness Summit, and I haven’t stopped but it has been an EPIC weekend.  Meeting & learning from some amazing trainers and people such as Nick Tumminello, Bret Contreas, Eric Cressey, Alan Aragon & Lou Schuler has made for a crazy experience!

Share in the excitement with me… here are some great reads!

=> How To Take Charge Of Your Training & Life – Jason Ferrugia

Another epic read from Jason Ferrugia.  Seriously, stop what you are doing and read this. I trained with Jay a few months ago at his Renegade Gym and it was a awesome experience.  Click here to read more about Rob King Training At The Renegade Gym.


=>The Not So Obvious Causes of Lower Back Pain – Tony Gentilcore

Back pain sucks.  This is a great read on things that you may not even consider for back pain.


=>5 Little Things That Make a Big Difference – Martin Rooney

I am a Martin disciple.  The man has impacted my life incredibly, and this is another awesome blog post by him. Click HERE to check out my Training For Warriors Certification with Martin.


=> 7 Lessons From Bruce Lee That Will Make You A Better Trainer – Nick Tumminello

Even if you are not a trainer, this blog post from Nick is solid.  Any Bruce Lee fans will enjoy this one.

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=> 75 Reasons Deadlifts Rock – Dean Somerset

Deadlifts rule!  Here are 75 reasons why.  Great information & humor from my boy Dean Somerset.


=> Top 10 Bench Press Variations (Videos) – Charles Poliquin

Charles Poliquin was one of the biggest influences on me when I started on my path of becoming a strength training addict.  I still read everything he puts out.


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