What I'm Reading May 26

What I'm Reading May 26

I made a comment a few weeks ago on Facebook about what I was reading daily and I had a few people request it, so I am gonna throw out some stuff I found interesting, awesome, and totally out to lunch.

Welcome to my brain.

If you expected bodybuilding and weight lifting only your at the wrong place.  Ya got a brain use it for doing more than counting reps 😛

Tim Ferris 4 Hour Work Week Blog – How Twitter Became Twitter (Business/Marketing)

Internet Independence – How To Run A Website Cheap (I have had numerous internet business’s, some made me lots, some cost me lots, Great read) (Internet Business/Marketing)

Rob King Fitness – Jack3d Banned In Canada (yes my blog but in case you missed it you SHOULD read & comment)

Tony Gentilcore – Sometimes Small Things Do Matter (Fitness)

Bret Contreras – Healthy Habits (Fitness)

Chris McCoombs – This Needs To Be Said (Is the Fitness Industry Lost?) (Fitness Marketing)

Ben Bruno – Good Reads For The Week (Fitness)

Gill Whelan – www.gillwhelan.webs.com (Fitness, Gill Is one of my trainers and props to her to writing her own blog)

Randy Head – Fitness Is Going To The Dogs (Fitness, Randy is a great customer and a wealth of knowledge)

Rod Payne – Tax Deductions & Tax Credits (Accouting/Finance)

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Dave Ruel – The Importance Of Veggies For Building Muscle (French People, Nutrition)

OK “French People” isn’t really a blog folder I have, but I am making sure your are paying attention 🙂

Anyways that’s about 1/10 of my reading for the week, but that’s some of the good ones.  If you like this let me know and I’ll keep posting em

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