Shane Farrah Making Rippedin42 History

Shane Farrah Making Rippedin42 History

A little over 50 days ago, Shane Farrah met with me at Heavyweights Training Center.  He had wanted to do “Rippedin42” but he was very very nervous.

He had even said that he had driven by HWTC many times and was too afraid and scared to come in.  However, he touched base with me, and we organized a quick meeting.

I told him at that moment that coming in to Heavyweights Training Center with me was going to change his life, and I meant it.

He went home, sent us in his Rippedin42 Application and since then Shane has created “Rippedin42” history.

Shane, in only 35 days, has lost 52 lbs training with us at Heavyweights Training Center and following the “Rippedin42” Program.

I am beyond proud him.  He works hard, he always does his best, he is a team player and he is a pleasure to coach.

Shane we are beyond proud of you.  Good luck with your new job and your new LIFE.  Remember to enjoy it, pay it forward and celebrate your victories.

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