What a week it’s been….

What a week it’s been….


I finally have a day off to relax and I am just listening to some Pearl Jam Twenty and playing catch up on what has been one of the craziest, yet busiest weeks of my life.

I have been dieting along with my Rippedin42 members for the last 42 days.  I always train but I felt it was time for me to step it up, and get out of my own comfort zone and see what i had in me, so the last 42 days I elevated my own training to another level, set some high goals, set out a plan to get them, and got at it.

I had set 3 main goals for my 42 days.

Goal 1 – Photo Shoot with Ray of Light Photography with my head trainer Gill Whelan

Mission Accomplished!

The main reason I did this was that I knew to get professional photos taken i would have to really step it up and get lean.  I have always struggled with getting lean.  Getting big and strong came natural (and was fun), but getting lean, well, that required a lot of work and discipline.  So I stepped out of my comfort zone, booked it up and I was very happy with the results.

So for 6 weeks I trained late night with my partners Gill Whelan & Leanne Badcock tearing it up at HWTC.

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For the 6 weeks I kept the nutrition super clean, followed our Rippedin42 program nutrition, hit weights 3 days a week, I participated in a lot of classes I taught at my gym Heavyweights Training Center, and 3 nights a week I hit Rippers for cardio.

For Supplements I used BCAA’s, Protein Powder, Fish Oil, BPI Stack, Orange Triad, and messed around with some pre workouts liked Jack3d, D Stunner and the last 2 weeks I added in Size On.

The last 2 weeks I cut out my carbs almost completely except for some mixed berries in my post workout shake. I was pretty happy with my results, I got the leanest I have been since I competed back in 2002 (Wow that’s a long time ago lol).

Here are some of the pics (if you want amazing quality photo’s in St. John’s are be sure to contact Ray Of Light photography (tell em I sent ya).

Let me say that this one of the most difficult things I have EVER DONE.  I am a pretty shy guy in general and this too me WAY out of my comfort zone, but i am so glad I did it!

Goal #2 Make Ripped In 42 Program Results The Best Yet

Mission Accomplished!

Our Ripped In 42 program for the last 42 days was dramatically improved after Gill & I received our “Training For Warriors” certification with Martin Rooney.

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Not only did our program get better, but as trainers we got WAY better.  We invested in ourselves, and in turn we bring this back to our clients (and of course to you if you are reading my blog).

Our results were mind blowing.

Close on 60 members lost a total of almost 600 lbs of fat!  As well I still have to add some members that were missing and as well the Ripped In 42 online members, all combined we should be approaching 1000 lbs of fat loss in just 42 days!

Take That Fat You Evil Bast*rd You!

Here are some of our Phase 1 members who totally kicked butt!  I am so proud of you all

More info can be found at our Rippedin42 Blog —–> www.Rippedin42.com/blog

Goal # 3 – Celebrate With My Members, Party Like A Rockstar

Mission Accomplished!

When it comes to goal setting, I believe in working hard, and celebrating your victories, and with Rippedin42 and my own goals I do just that.

So Saturday night at our house we threw a Halloween party for our members and we partied HARD.

There was much junk food, alcohol, and other bad stuff going on, and you know what, every minute of it was totally awesome and well deserved!

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The next day my head was hurting a little, but work hard play hard is my motto, and what an amazing time we all had!  Here are some of the highlight pics.


For all our Crazy Halloween Pics Check em out on Facebook —> Rob’s Facebook Profile

So there you have it, that’s everything I have been up to.

So now this week I have a bunch of new clients starting at my gym, I just set my new goals for Dec 17, time to get back to training, working hard, and doing what I love.




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