40 Ways To Be Awesome

40 Ways To Be Awesome

It’s been an interesting year to say the least.

Last year when the big 40 was approaching I made a decision.

That no matter how hard my life was, no matter how much stress, no matter how difficult, no matter how much I got knocked down that THIS YEAR was going to be the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE and the best year of those around me.

I set some insane goals, I didn’t give a shit about what others would say, I ignored haters, I ignored jealous people, I ignored negativity and negative people and I just focused in on things that mattered TO ME and to make my life and the lives of those around me better.

So far this has been the best year of my life by far and it’s only getting started.

Here are 40 ways that you can live a better, happier, more productive life.

40 Ways To Be Awesome

1. Stop Giving A Shit What Someone Else Thinks580400_607977902554383_1482675677_n_by_sonofspardadante-d68d0vg

2. Set Big Goals, Write Them On Paper, The GFGI (Go Fukin Get It)

3. You Are The Top 5 People You Surround Yourself With, Chose Them Wisely

4. Think For Yourself – Question Authority (TOOL & Timothy Leary Inspired)

5. Travel More

6. Cut Your Expenses, Then Cut Them Even More

7. Have Less “Stuff” – You Will Not Be Remembered By The Brands You Buy Or The Clothes You Own

8. Compete In Something (Bikini, PowerLifting, BodyBuilding, Fitness, Figure, Marathon, Rowing, Marttal Arts..  Just Compete)

9. Start A Blog, Put Your Voice & Life Out There

10. Give More To Charity & Volunteer More

11. Be Grateful For Haters

12. Be Grateful For Struggle

13. Believe In Yourself


14. Read More Books Watch Less News & TV

15. Adopt A Pet, Even Better Adopt A Senior Pet & Treat Them Amazing

16. Write A Book


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17. Be Grateful For Everything You Have In Life…. Good & Bad

18. Say “Please” & “Thank You” More

19. Don’t Try To Drown The Person That Taught You How To Swim (Thank You Martin Rooney)

20. Always Be A Student

21. Create A Bucket List

22. Embrace Delayed Gratification

23. Get More Scars

24. Get A Tattoo, If You Have Tattoo’s Get Another One

25. Lift HeavyWeights

26. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

27. Get Rid Of All Negative People In Your Life, Ditch The Crabs In The Bucket

28. Let Go Of People That Are No Longer In Your Life

29. Get A Coach Or Mentor

30. Listen To More Music

31. Take More Walks


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32. Keep A Journal & Write In It Every Day

33. Change, Evolve, Become The Best Version Of You Possible

34. Never Be Jealous

35. Never Judge Someone

36. Give Everyone You Meet Your Best, Day In Day Out

37. Realize The Bad Things In Your Life Are The BEST Things In Your Life, You Just Don’t Know It Yet

38. Know Someday You Will Die (Memento Mori)

39. Never Let Anything Or Anyone STOP YOU


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