40 Years – 40 Lessons

40 Years – 40 Lessons

I take out my anger and frustrations in life in the gym.

As well now I take out my frustrations by writing.

I turn 40 next week and I had planned next week to write a blog post and well it just kinda happened now.

40 Years – 40 Lessons

1. Be true to yourself.

2. Ignore what others think, their opinion doesn’t matter

3. Do your best every day to help people, then do a little bit more.

4. Take five minutes every day to write in a journal.

5. Find what you love in life, then do that thing every day. Find your passion and your purpose in life, don’t just “get a job”.


7. Strength Matters – In life and in the gym

8. Dream Bigger.  The only person standing between you and your dreams are the lies you tell yourself every day.

9. Out of the worst things in life come the best things in life.

10. Reach out to one person every single day and be grateful and say “Thank You”

11. Stop watching the news.

12. The best therapy is deadlifts and squats.

13. Ignore haters, because they truly hate themselves not you.

14. Set goals, then set stretch goals, then GFGI (go fuking get it)

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15. Avoid negativity and negative people.  It’s a cancer of the soul.

16. Don’t use the words “I am jealous” or “It must be nice”

17. Behind every person is a story you don’t know.  Don’t ever judge anyone.

18. Throw out 2 things every day.

19. Want less stuff in life.  You’re not your fuking khaki’s.

20. You are going to die some day.  Will you be remembered?  Will you be missed?

21. The most valuable asset you have in life is not money, it’s not your house, it’s not your car it’s your TIME.  You will NEVER get that back. Cherish it.

22. You are the Top 5 people you surround yourself with.

23. Small things become big things.  Anything great started small.

24. Start your own business.  We need more people creating jobs not “getting jobs”

25. Read for 30 minutes every day minimum.

26. Foam roll, drink lots of lemon water, train every day.

27. Adopt a dog, even better adopt a senior dog.

28. Take a moment and write out your perfect day.  Do it.  When would you wake up, who is next to you, where do you live, what kind of house do you live in, what would you do all day, what would you have for dinner, what would you do.  Write it down….

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29. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

30. That little voice in your head is generally wrong, tell it to Fuk Off.

31. Get a training partner.

32. Travel more.

33. Have more experiences in life and less stuff.

34. Ask yourself “What’s the worst that can happen?” more.

35. Be a giver not a taker.

36.  Don’t be influenced by others.  Have a voice, have a backbone and stick to your guns.

37. Follow your gut, it’s usually right.

38. Every day before you go to bed take 5 minutes and write what you are grateful for.

39. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.  Never forget that.

40. Memento Mori. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.  Make the best of this life, have no regrets, make no excuses, live a life worth remembering.

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