A Good Coach Can Change Your Life

A Good Coach Can Change Your Life

“You don’t know your limits until you test them.” – Martin Rooney

Two years ago I travelled to Seattle to attend a 1-day ‘Perform Better’ seminar.

The seminar was amazing, I got to meet Rachel Cosgrove, Alwyn Cosgrove, Todd Durkin and Martin Rooney.

In that one day, Martin Rooney changed my life.

Long story short at the time my back injury was terrible, I was always in pain, I could barely train, and flying across North America was a nightmare.

I went to the seminar and in the 8th hour, the last hour of the day I got to do “hands on” with Martin Rooney on sprint training.

I am not going to lie, I was going to skip it.  I was in agony and I just wanted to get back to my friends house and Ice.  Mentally and physically I was defeated.

But I said fuck it…I’ll just try, and if I can’t continue I will just stop.

In that one hour Martin Rooney changed my life.

He brought out my best, he made me push hard when I wanted to stop, he made me push past my back pain and not hold back. He coached me, and on that day for that one hour he brought out MY BEST.

I remember leaving that day and just feeling different. Something inside me had changed.

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I left realizing the power of coaching and the power of bringing out someone’s best.

At the time, HWTC was not even created, and after that ‘Perform Better’ seminar and learning and meeting Martin Rooney my life and business were altered.

Tomorrow, my friend Martin Rooney is coming to Newfoundland.

I am so proud to bring one of the best coaches in the world to my home province and our gym that is Heavyweights Training Center.

It makes me so happy to show Martin all the amazing things we do at HWTC, the culture and family we have built, and the impact that HWTC is having on Newfoundland.

Much of this came from Martin, his training, his education and his philosophies.

This weekend at HWTC is going to be an EPIC experience.  I am so proud and happy for what’s ahead for my coaches, my team, and my clients.

As well if you notice the T-Shirt I am wearing… it’s supporting Testosterone Nation, and just this week I got my first article published with them here.

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