I Said I Would NEVER Open a Gym

I Said I Would NEVER Open a Gym

I have said for the last 10 years that I would NEVER OPEN A GYM.

But today I am having a moment, and I want to share that moment with you.

As I write this, I am here in New Jersey to do our Level II Training For Warriors certification with our coach & mentor Martin Rooney.  I am also doing up some work on my programs for Heavyweights Training Center.  I had a moment of reflection and everything hit me.

I don’t usually “stop and smell the roses” often.  I am too busy with my head down, plowing forward with my business and programs to stop and look around.  I am always in GO-mode, trying to grow my businesses and help as many people as I can.

It was only eight moths ago that I signed the lease on my own building for Heavyweights Training Center.  After discussing it with Danielle, my staff, and the people close to me, we made the decision to DO IT.  Keep in mind that the discussion did not take long.  Maybe a week at most…I don’t like to sit and think for too long, I like to move fast or ditch it.  You can spend all day thinking about something, but thinking changes nothing.  Action matters.

Even if it was fast, it was a VERY difficult decision to decide whether I wanted to open a big training facility like Heavyweights Training Center.

II did not want to be another “Big Box Gym” where people pay their memberships, put on headphones, use machines, and then go home.

I actually didn’t even want to open a gym.  I was renting off another gym, and I didn’t want the hassles and stress of another business. (I have had enough work & stress to last me three lifetimes.)  However the thing that made me do it was seeing my “Rippedin42” clients succeed with their Transformations.  I found myself wondering…If I closed my doors, what would happen to them, and the other thousands of lives I planned to change with “Rippedin42”?

Because of the impact of that program, I decided to move forward and open a much bigger stand-alone facility (going from 1500 square feet to over 5000).

The stress in that decision was enormous, but I knew INSIDE my heart that I had to do it.

The outcome of that decision has been simply incredible.

Our “Rippedin42” programs are full, and doing amazing things.  I am very grateful.

We are changing Bodies & MINDS.  Every day I love the feedback from our “Rippies” and seeing them get stronger, healthier, and living better lives is the most rewarding feeling ever.

Our Last Rippedin42 Crew Lost Over 1000 lbs. in 42 Days

Our Last Rippedin42 Crew Lost Over 1000 lbs. in 42 Days


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Today I am reflecting on the current success of Heavyweights Training Center ,and I can honestly say it comes down to one main reason.  My amazing TEAM of people I have surrounded myself with.

This is the biggest reason that Heavyweights Training Center and our programs are growing so fast and producing such amazing results.  I have the best team of people around me that help my clients and deliver value and results like no other place.

I want to say THANK YOU to all my Heavyweights Clients & I want to say THANK YOU to my amazing Team at Heavyweights Training Center.

I couldn’t be happier.

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