Meeting The Guru – Charles Poliquin

Meeting The Guru – Charles Poliquin

This week has been an incredible week in my life.

I got to meet and learn from a man who has had a huge impact on my life, business, fitness, and numerous aspects of my success:

Charles Poliquin.

When I got started in working out and lifting weights for martial arts, Charles was the first real strength coach who gave me quality information that WORKED.  He was never just another coach saying “do 8-12 reps” to get bigger and stronger.

At the time, Charles was writing for Muscle Media 2000, and I used to read every single word in that magazine.  To this day, I still have every copy I ever bought (this was over 15 years ago I think).  A big reason for this was Charles Poliquin’s information & the entertainment value in his writing.

He isn’t called “The Guru” for nothing.

So today I am enjoying meeting Charles, and after 2 days I’ll be doing his “Bio-Signature” course.  My mind is blown away. Literally as I write this, my brain hurts from thinking and processing so much information.

Charles has had such a huge impact on my life that I am smiling ear to ear.  He is a GENIUS, and I am honoured to meet and learn from him.

If you are not learning from Charles Poliquin, you need to be, so this will help you.

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Enjoy these links and videos.  I hope Charles helps you the way he has helped me (and thousands of others).

“Memento Mori,”


=> Charles Poliquin Website

=> Charles Poliquin Youtube Page

=> Charles Poliquin


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