Training To Become BANE

Training To Become BANE

I am a HUGE Batman fan and as a training goal  I wanted to go as a BADASS Version of BANE for Halloween.

How much of a batman fan am I?

Well when the Tumbler Tour was going on I was at a Poliquin Bio-Sig Certification and I got to go check out The Tumbler and The Bat Pod :).  Check out the full blog post on that amazing experience HERE.


I wanted to wear the Bane mask and costume and make it look awesome.

In “The Dark Knight Returns” BANE was a jacked, strong, thick villain.  He was Batman’s superior physically.

He was the man responsible for breaking the Batman.

The Goal

So my goal into improving my physique and strength and becoming Bane was as follows.

– Build More Muscle

– Focus on Upper Body.  Upper Back, Traps, Shoulders, Arms

– Look Powerful.  I didn’t want the “puffy” bodybuilder look.  I wanted to look powerful and strong

The Training

My training to look like BANE was pretty simple.  To LOOK Strong & Powerful you have to TRAIN to be strong and powerful.  I didn’t want to be one of those guys that doesn’t care what they lift. My goal is ALWAYS to be strong.  But even more so this time I focused on big movements, lower reps, and lots of basic bar and thick bar training.  I never used any machines, I did NO Cardio (except sled work), and even that I did less of this time because I wanted to get as big as possible (without getting fat, bulking and getting fat is stupid).

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I did basic upper body and lower body workouts based on a Push & Pull system.

Day 1 Upper Body Push

Day 2 Upper Body Pull

Day 3 Lower Body Full

Day 4 Rest



The Exercises

The base of my training exercises were

– Standing Thick Bar Presses

– Bemch Press

– Power Cleans

– High Pulls

– Shrugs & Shrug Variations

Farmers Walks

– Sled Work

My goal was simple, get as strong as possible and thicken up my upper back, shoulders and traps.

I had a lot of fun getting ready for this one and it was a blast training  with my goal to be a super hero villain :).

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