41 Tips To Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Get Stronger, & LIve Better

41 Tips To Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Get Stronger, & LIve Better

It’s been an amazing year!

Every year I try to write something about the lessons learned over the last year and read my other blog posts that I wrote around the time of my birthday and look back at where I was in both training and life.

It really helps to put things in perspective.  Read my other blog posts 40 Years 40 Lessons.

This year has again been another amazing year and I will borrow this from Dickens “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

Over the last year I have done things I never thought I would ever accomplish and I have helped and coached people to do things they may have never thought possible.  Looking back at these experiences makes me really appreciate the last year even with some of the hard times.

From my own competing experience I competed in 3 PowerLifting Competitions and 1 WeightLfiting Competition in the last year.  I was just happy to get back on the PowerLifting Platform after my injury that set me back 10 years.  I never even thought of winning, I just wanted to lift and compete again.


It’s been a great year and I am very grateful for that.  Winning the 2014 M1 83kg PowerLifting Nationals in St. Catherine’s in June, Competing and placing 9th in Worlds In South Africa (which I never in a million years thought I would compete at that level).




As well in March I won PT Personal Trainer Of The Year at Fitness Business Summit in California which was one of the most amazing moments of my life.



From a coaching perspective our programs and coaches at HeavyWeights Training Center and our latest expansion HeavyWeights Trainsformation Center are helping thousands of people lose fat, build muscle, get stronger, eat healthier and live better.  I really love what we do.

For my own coaching I was very happy to coach some amazing people this year competing in PowerLifting, WeightLfiting, Bikini, Fitness Model and more.  My clients amaze me and I love seeing them set big goals and do amazing things.

With 21 people competing at Nationals in a few weeks from Team HeavyWeights I am excited for what’s ahead.



I LOVE helping people reach their goals.

Which leads right into my 41 Tips To Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Get Stronger & Live Better.


#1. Dream Bigger.  Set bigger goals and don’t be afraid to dream bigger.

#2. Let nothing or no one stop you from reaching your goals.  Surround yourself with people that help you reach your goals, not destroy them.

#3. Be Grateful For Struggle.  The hard things you are going through in life make you stronger.  Be grateful for them.  Out of the worst things come the best things.

#4. Be Happy, But Never Content.  Be happy and grateful for what you have but never be content.

$5. Keep A Journal.  Write in journal.  Write for 5 minutes a day and put your thoughts, dreams, and ideas into it.  I have done this for years and I love having it to read.  It puts a lot of things into perspective.

#6 Ignore Most People.  This may sound mean but once you start dreaming bigger and setting goals and pushing to do more most people won’t get it.  Don’t let that bother you.  Keep your eye on your goals and let no one else stop you from getting them.

#7. Be Grateful.  Every day as soon as I get up I try to think 3-5 things I am grateful for and I also try to do this at night.  Always find the good in your day and be grateful for it.

#8. Read more.  Spend less time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and read more.  Read blogs, read books, just read.  (I struggle with this big time).

#9. Lift Heavy Weights.  I think there is nothing better for stress relief and a physical stress than lifting HeavyWeights. I am so happy to be able to train hard and heavy again.

#10. Compete.  Yes compete.  Set a goal to compete in something and DO IT.  Stop being afraid.

#11. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.  Ya that sounds really cool but what did you do today or yesterday to get uncomfortable.  That knot in your stomach is a good feeling.  So do something big and get uncomfortable.

#12. Get A Coach.  A coach brings out your best and in my life I have invested in some of the best coaches available for both business and fitness.  A good coach will bring out your best.

#13. Make Mistakes.  I have made so many mistakes in both training and business, so many, I look back and I think “What Was I Thinking” but that’s the thing, you only learn from your mistakes.  If your afraid of making them you will never move forward.  Don’t be afraid to try and don’t be afraid to fail.

#14. When it comes to nutrition find what works for you and do it.  Macros, Paleo, Low Carb,High Carb they all work if you follow them.  Find a nutrition program that works for you and stick to it 90%.

#15.  Follow a training program.  You will only get so far by doing your own thing.  Don’t be a program hopper and change your program every 3 days.  Get on a proven program that works.  Follow it to the end.  Make notes of what worked, what didn’t work and then do another program from start to finish.

#16.  Don’t Skip Squats or Deadlifts

#17. Read #16 again, get in your deadlifts.

#18. Drink more water.

#19. Eat more protein.

#20. Eat more fiber.

#21. Wear your damn seatbelt (Thank you Dan John).

#22. Adopt a dog or cat.  Even better adopt a senior dog or cat.

#23.  Stop reading the news and stop listening to news.  It’s about ratings not truth. Listen to music it’s good for the soul.

#24.  Start a blog, write a book, start a facebook page, find something that you can do to express you and your passion.

#25. Travel more.  It’s money invested to see the world.

#26. Train hard, train heavy, train smart.

#27.  Don’t workout, TRAIN.  There is a big difference.

#28. Train your core and glutes more than you train your chest and biceps

#29. Find someone stronger than you and ask them to be your training partner.

#30 Get Negative People Out Of Your Life.

#31. Learn something new every single day.

#32. Money is important, but it’s not everything.  Live cheaper, have less stuff, live frugally and save for a rainy day.

#33. Give away a lot of your “stuff”.  Old clothes, DVD’s, possessions.  Give them away.  Honestly it’s a great feeling.

#34. Move every day.  At 41 I am stronger than I was at 31 because I move better and I try to do something every single day.

#35. Say “Thank You” more.

#36.  Say “I Love You” more.

#37. Never judge anyone or be negative to anyone.  Everyone has a story and a struggle that you know nothing about.

#38. “Don’t Drown The Person Who Taught You How To Swim”, be grateful for those that helped you get where you are.

#39. Stop Worrying About The Little Things.

#40.Read #1 again.  Dream Bigger.

# 41.  Make This Year Your BEST YEAR.


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