Friday Weekly Recap Aug 23/2013

Friday Weekly Recap Aug 23/2013

It’s been a crazy week (well it seems recently like every week is a crazy week).

First the big news… Are You READY?

Ben Affleck is the New Batman.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 7.39.34 PM

I actually don’t watch the news (it’s mostly lies and negative anyways) but I do read everything Batman since I am about the biggest Batman fan out there.  How much of a Batman fan am I?

I once tried to steal the Tumbler & The BatPod, I almost got away :0



Anyways back to Ben being the Batman I posted on my Facebook profile and I couldn’t believe how many people dislike this guy.  Wow.

Here is how I feel about Ben being the new Batman


OK to be fair and I am sure I will get hate on for this (not the first time) but I think Ben will do a GREAT JOB as the new Batman.  I guess time will tell, but he has skills, he has matured, and I think he will do a great job (OK I am praying he will do a great job, please no more bad Batman’s).

Onward to real life stuff.

This week in training has been one of my best weeks EVER.

I don’t know why, but this week I felt strong and got in some great workouts.

I hit a personal best on Trap Bar Deads of 525 and I hit a new PB for me on conventional deads of 475 lbs.

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I see 500 in my near future.

Considering 2 years ago my back was so bad a 225 lb deadlift would have left me in bed for a week I am VERY happy.

I attribute everything to learning from the right people like Dr. Stu McGill, Dean Somerset, Rick Kasselj, and many other smart people.

What’s awesome is everything that I have learned to get over my bad back I have passed on to my clients and I love seeing them get PB’s as well.

Like Ashley in this video below getting a PB on Trap Bars with a very very messed up back.  I plan to make her stronger and better than ever and I can’t wait.

As well that night some of my students hit some big numbers on trap bar deads.

On top of that some of our 42 day transformation pictures are hitting Facebook now.

The results are amazing.

To get more pics check out my HWTC Facebook page.



Tyson Moores fb


If you want to get more info about our 42 day programs starting Sept 7th at Heavyweights Training Center go here.

Last but not least my girlfriend Danielle has created a new facebook page for “Free Daily Fitness Recipes“.

This is a WIN WIN for you and I.recipebanner

For me because I really hate to cook and I am a disaster in the kitchen.

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For you because you get free healthy recipes.

Not a bad deal if you ask me :).

I have two big announcements next week, maybe three so stay tuned.

Don’t forget to connect with me on Facebook.

Have a great weekend.


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