Goodbye Max, You Won’t Be Forgotten

Goodbye Max, You Won’t Be Forgotten

It’s been a hard week for Danielle and I.

Max is our adopted 13-year-old golden retriever.  You can read Max’s full sad story by going here, but I will summarize it for you in a few sentences.

We adopted Max a year ago, and when we rescued him he was in hard shape.  You see, Max had spent his whole life in a shed.  All 13 years.  When we rescued him, he was missing teeth, he couldn’t stand up on his own, and on top of that, he is fully deaf.

His owner was going to get him put down because he wouldn’t pay the vet bills for him.

Max lived a very sad, hard life.

When we first adopted Max, we had to pick him up and lift him into my Jeep, as he could not walk.  His back legs and hips were so bad he couldn’t stand.

We already had 4 dogs and 2 cats, our house is already a little crazy but hearing Max’s story…we had to help him.

So we rescued 13-year-old Max.


At first he was very distant from us.  He wouldn’t play, he wouldn’t interact with our dogs, he was just a lost soul that would wander off into the corner by himself, alone.

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In the first few months, we focussed on feeding him good food, giving him attention, and, once he could, taking him for walks.  Every day we would keep giving him the love he deserved.

After a few months, he finally started to come around, and then almost out of nowhere he started to change.  He started to play with us, he started to bark when he wanted attention, and every day when we would get home from HWTC we would flop over on his back and get his belly rubbed and pretend to bite us with his busted up old teeth.

Max became a happy boy, and it made us very happy to see him happy.



Max was at HWTC a lot, and became our unofficial mascot.  Everyone loved him.

Then, last week Max took a turn for the worse.

We did everything we could for him, and things didn’t look good.  He broke out in serious open sores on all his joints, he didn’t play, and he was not himself.  We took him to the vet and got him medication, cleaned him up, and gave him baths numerous times a day (as he was becoming incontinent.)

He was in a very bad place.

Before I left for Utah on Wednesday, Max seemed to be recovering.  He was up, active, eating, and seemed to be on the mend.  Danielle and I had him out for a nice walk by the ocean at our home in CBS.  He got to go run in the park, he was playing with me and Rommel, he was getting back to his old self.

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Because of this, I decided to continue on to my trip in Utah for the StrongFirst certification.

Sadly, the next day everything changed.  Max took a bad turn, and we couldn’t get him back to his old happy self.  Danielle and I had to make the decision to let him go.

It was one of the saddest days of my life.  I was heart-broken.  Even worse, I wasn’t home for Danielle and our family when they needed me.

I was devastated.

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 2.14.33 AM

I always say & believe that the best things come out of the worst things.

Today at HWTC my students and team had a “We Miss You Max Fundraiser” workout in support of Heavenly Creatures.  We raised $360 to help other puppies and animals in need.

More so than the money raised is the fact that my good old friend will live on.  He has impacted Danielle and I forever, he has impacted our HWTC students, and on top of that after this workout and the donations raised, his spirit and story will live on even more.


I miss you Maxer, thank you for coming into my life.






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