Martin Rooney Is My Hero

Martin Rooney Is My Hero

There is no way around it, Martin Rooney is my Hero.

There are many people that I consider Hero’s for their focus, their work ethic, their commitment and drive, and their love and PASSION for something.

Some of my past Hero’s have been Bruce Lee, Arnold (check out this pic of Me & Arnold back in 1999!), Dorian Yates, George St. Pierre, Muhammad Ali and a few other people that have really influenced me, my training and my love for training, fitness and health.

Martin Rooney just made that list because of this video.

I was honored to be able to do Martin’s Training For Warriors Certification in September in Indiana.  It was one of the coolest training experiences I have had.

Along improving my own training, the training of my clients I also learned something very important from Martin during TFW Certification.  I learned how to be a “Trainer” but not everyone can be a good coach.

Anyone can teach you how to squat, or how to do a lift or a move, but Martin has the ability to bring our your best, to make every rep, every set, every exercise your best.  He brings out the best in you, and that is the difference between a “Trainer” and a “Coach”

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I also had some of my own fun training challenges this year.


As well I plan to do the 3 minute pull up challenge sometime in Jan.  I can’t wait.

I can’t squat or deadlift anymore so I need to find ways to challenge myself with my workouts, as you should.

“You don’t know your limits until you test them.”

I learned about Martin Rooney from T-Nation (if you are not reading this site go there now and you have years of quality information), I have been reading T-Nation since the first came online many years ago.

I love reading Martin’s story’s about training, the people he trained, and the places he trained.  It was a breath of fresh air from a lot of the training information that was out there at the time.

Martin is the author of two books and a third coming in the New Year (which I have on pre-order from

=> Ultimate Warrior Workouts

=> Training For Warriors

=> Warrior Cardio (coming in 2012)

If you are looking to take your training & knowledge to another level I suggest you learn & apply that Martin has to teach, trust me you will be glad you did.

Martin Rooney Official Site

Martin Rooney Amazon Page

P. S. on a different note I just set a goal for myself in 2012 to have a page on as an author on Fitness books on  Thank you Martin for your influence.

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One of my favorite quotes from TWF Certification was “On The Day Of Victory You Will Not Be Tired”.  I remind myself of this with everything I do, with training, with my work, with business, with coaching….with LIFE.

“On The Day Of Victory You Will Not Be Tired” – Martin Rooney




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