10 Sled Variations

10 Sled Variations

I LOVE sled training.

There, I said it.  I really do.

It’s amazing for fat loss, building muscle, improving energy, reducing injuries, full-body strength, speed, power, and more.

Honestly, most of my training is based around sled training.  I love the results.

The issue with sled training is that most people are usually doing the same exercises, not pushing enough weight or not going fast enough.  Here are 10 sled variations to spice up your sled workouts, and keep them challenging:



#1 Sled Suicides


#2 Prowler Sled with Resistance Bands


#3 Prowler Sled Walk Backwards (using belt)


#4 Anti-Rotation Forward Sled Walk


#5 Prowler Sled Walk Backwards


#6 Prowler Sled Sprints


#7 Prowler Backwards Sled Push


#8 Forward Sled Drag & Sled Push


#9 Strongman Sled Pull


#10 Standing Sled Push

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Looking for some intense and challenging sled workouts?

Check out my Sled Challenges Finisher Workouts.

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