Sled Training With No Sled

Sled Training With No Sled

If you are not doing sled training you are missing out on many benefits that go along with sled training.

For the last month I have been doing a LOT of sled training.  Five days a week I have been doing sled training, testing different types of approaches and my results have been simply awesome.

-> I have built more lean muscle (I haven’t done much “weight training” except sled work.)

-> My lower back injury is less painful.  I think the stretching from the sled work and working the hamstrings/legs a lot more have given my lower back injury improved stability & mobility.

-> My appetite has been through the roof.

-> Overall recovery is up.

-> I have done NO cardio except sled training.


So that is what has worked for me personally. Here are just some of the benefits of sled training:

=> Increased work capacity

=> More strength for the weakest links in your physical chain

=> More fun and variety in your workout

=> Quicker recovery and healing from injury

=> A new and productive way to work the entire body in a short period of time

=> Endless variety of workouts


I know that most Big Box corporate gyms don’t have a prowler or a sled (which is why I love NOT training at a big box gym), but if you don’t have the luxury of having a Heavyweights Training Center nearby, here is a way to get the benefits of sled training without a sled.

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If you are looking to invest in a sled for your training, I suggest the Rogue Dog Sled from

This is the sled I use the most at my gym, Heavyweights Training Center.

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  • NewYorkBaby80

    Great workout. You feel energetic after the workout.