Prioritize Strength Over Everything

Prioritize Strength Over Everything

Prioritize Strength Over Everything (and I don’t just mean in the gym).

On Saturday we had one of our biggest 42 day orientations Heavyweights Training Center, and I always get up and present and talk about goal setting.
This time I made it a point to talk about the importance of strength.

Most people that joined have joined for fat loss and body transformation results, but I made it very clear that no matter what they should always focus on improving STRENGTH both in the gym and outside the gym.

When I say strength most people think I am talking about lifting weights and getting stronger. Yes that is a component of strength, but when I mean strength I mean developing internet strength and mental strength as much or more than physical strength.

Here are some reasons why.

You will need strength when life gets hard. We all go through hard times and during those times you won’t wish for fat loss, or being leaner, you will need more strength.

When we have a family issue or personal issue we always need more strength to deal with these issues and overcome them.

When it comes to making better decisions we need more strength. Strength to eat healthier and smarter, strength to make better choices, and strength to say NO.

We need strength for when things get hard, when we get tired, when we don’t think we can do anymore and we need to dig deep to keep moving forward it’s strength we need more than anything.

I really believe that strength you develop in the gym, by pushing your body, by overcoming obstacles, by becoming stronger physically and mentally in life matters.

Train to get stronger, get stronger to live better.


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