What I Eat 24 Hours Before A PowerLifting Competition

What I Eat 24 Hours Before A PowerLifting Competition

What I Eat 24 Hours Before A PowerLifting Competition


I get a lot of questions about nutrition and one thing I don’t talk about often is what I eat for competition.

Right now my weight is 83.5 kg and tomorrow I have to weight under 83 kg.

I have kept my food pretty tight for the last six weeks leading up to this competition.

Over Christmas I set it as a goal to get to 200 lbs, why, I don’t know lol. It was fun eating and after 3 PowerLifting competitions last year and 1 BodyBuilding Competition I just wanted to EAT and not worry about my weight, or cutting.

Last year I had to get to 83 kg 3 times for competitions and then for my BodyBuilding Competition I got to 170 lbs.

I wanted to give you some info on what I eat 24 hours before I compete.

I like to keep things very simple. So don’t expect any magic tricks or nutrition magic here.

I also personally don’t like to cut a lot of water. I learned my lesson my first time at Worlds in South Africa when I had a hard cut because I didn’t pay enough attention to my nutrition leading up to the meet. Add in three days of travel and drinking wine and eating food I shouldn’t have made for a VERY hard cut. From 87 kg to 83 kg in 2 days with no sauna. I will never do that again.


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Also keep in mind there are MANY different ways to do things before competing, some people eat a lot, some people eat very little, some cut weight hard, some don’t cut at all. This is just what I do before I compete.



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