5 Supplements That Are A Waste Of Your Hard Earned Money

5 Supplements That Are A Waste Of Your Hard Earned Money

5 Supplements That Are A Waste Of Your Hard Earned Money

Keep in mind that none of my views are scientific fact.  And I also feel that science can back pretty much anything if enough money is thrown at it.  Here are 5 supplements that “may” have had promise but just don’t work! Save your money!

  1. 1. CLA

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), is a naturally occurring free fatty acid found mainly in meat and dairy products, in small amounts.

The Skinny on CLA:

CLA Claims that it can help with building muscle & losing fat.  The main purpose of this product is for fat loss. For CLA to work you would really need about 4-5 times the recommended dosage.  And along with that I just don’t think it is a great product.

Load up on EFA’s, (Omega 3,6,9 my fav is NutraSea Fish Oil).

2. Soy

Soy protein is a complete protein that ranks right up there with the best in the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS). Soy protein is generally very low in or free of fat, cholesterol, and lactose.

Soy protein is approved for those who are lactose intolerant, and can be used as a meat substitute. Much more than just an ingredient for a protein shake, Soy protein can be used for cooking instead of flour, producing high protein foods that are extremely low in fat, a bodybuilder’s dream come true! Soy protein is derived exclusively from soy beans.

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The Skinny On Soy :

It’s not that Soy is really that bad, it just isn’t very good!

Even though Soy sounds beneficial here are a few things to consider.

-It tastes like crap

-It is highly estrogenic (which means unless you want nice boobs don’t consume a lot of Soy).

-Did I mention it tastes like crap! (oh and generally mixes like crap).

Focus on getting your protein sources from Whey, Milk, Egg, Nuts, etc.  Leave Soy out of your list.

3. Carb & Fat Blockers

Carb blockers, also known as starch blockers, are generally composed mainly of bean and wheat germ extracts — particularly white kidney beans — that are said to inhibit a digestive enzyme that breaks down starchy carbohydrates, such as potatoes, bread and pasta. This supposedly prevents the carbs from being absorbed by the body; instead, they are said to pass through the digestive tract and be eliminated. Most pills claim to inhibit between 30 and 45 grams of carbs from being absorbed.

Fat blockers commonly contain chitosan, which is similar to dietary fiber, but is derived from the exoskeletons of shellfish. Like fiber, they pass through the digestive tract without being digested, but it also purportedly absorbs between 6 and 10 times its weight in fat along the way, all of which is then eliminated in the stool.
The Skinny on these products is that they DON’T WORK.  If  something blocks absorbtion of fat etc it will guaranteed to block other things that your body needs, ie NUTRIENTS.

Ditch this product.  If you have bought “Flush The Fat” I have some great swamp land in florda for you to buy!

4. Growth Hormone Boosters (GH)

Growth Hormone is the master hormone, because it is released by the master gland–the anterior pituitary gland. While GH is not necessary or critical to one’s survival, it seems to play an important evolutionary role in human development. During puberty, GH levels dictate a person’s height and bone size. After puberty, GH continues to regulate the body’s metabolism.
The Skinny on GH:

Here is the deal, for the most part GH is awesome.  Real GH. Not supplements that “may” increase GH.  I just haven’t seen any proof via customer reviews or personal use that these products work!

Now there are some that looks promising, notable Helix 24 from RivalUS.  And when I get more feedback I will be the first to post it up.

5. Generic Zinc & Magnesium

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ZMA is a scientifically designed anabolic mineral formula.* It contains Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate plus Magnesium Aspartate and vitamin B-6, and is an all-natural product that clinical testing suggests may significantly increase anabolic hormone levels and muscle strength in trained athletes.*

The skinny on ZMA:

ZMA works.  I swear by it.  I sleep better, I wake up better.  How much does it contribute to testosterone I am not sure. But it does make me feel better!

I am not knocking ZMA, I am knocking GENERIC cheap Zinc & Magnesium products and here is why.

  • Non-chelated forms are generally less bioavailable
  • Most cheap Zinc/Magnesium products contain CALCIUM FILLER.  Calcium blocks the absorption of Zinc & Magnesium rendering your cheap ZMA to be useless ZMA

Go for quality.  I prefer Optimum Nutrition, PrimaForce.

Well there ya go.  There are a TON of supplements on the market.  Hopefully this will help you in your choice as to what is worth adding to your supplement stack.

Rob King

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  • Guenevere

    I kindly ask your advice – When I went through menopause I gained about 20 lbs..I work out 3 times a week and am in good health, but I can’t lose this weight. Do you have any suggestions or natural supplements that might help me?

    Thank you,


  • Rob King

    I would first get your doctor to do a check on your thyroid levels etc.

    How old are you?

    Also what is your nutrition like? 95% of issues for fat loss can be fixed via Nutrition.

    Let me know more info ok.

  • Shane

    I agree 100%, Will say this though, CLA in its proper dosage (8 – 10 G) does work well. The recomended dosage is a daily maintenence dose.

    I have used Helix-24, Put a good 10lbs on in 1 month stacked with a test booster.

  • Rob King

    Hey Shane

    Never tried CLA at that dose but thanks for letting me know!

    I think Helix 24 from RivalUS has potential! thats why i made a note of it

    Any other feedback is welcomed!

  • Chris

    I picked up some Helix 24 and am starting it today, I will give some feed back about it in a month. Seems decent though.

  • Nolan Capstick

    Hey Rob, I will be doing a log for Anabolic Innovations for a GH boosting product called HGHpro. I won’t be paying for it it wil be company sponsored so if it don’t work I won’t be out anything. So if you want to check out my log and see my day to day progress I’ll send the link to you to check out and we wil see if they actually DO work.

  • chris

    I’m currently taking the USP Labs ASteriod stack, Prime, Powerfull and Anabolic Pump… All the reviews i’ve read have been 10 out of 10 or close to it, I’ll give more feed back when Im done my 12 week cycle.

  • chris

    omega 6 and 9 isn’t good for you man..

  • chris

    look up herbalife producst like formula 1 and 3, great soy protein products

  • Rob King

    Omega 6 & 9 aren’t good for you?

    Ill be waiting for the journal articles on your reply.

    This could be interesting….

  • Rob King

    Might be great products, for women. Guys and much soy isnt a good idea. Unless you like estrogen, if thats your thing by all means lol

  • Mark

    There’s a good chance soy messes with your thyroid as well. Might not be a great idea for trying to lose weight. Very cardiovascular healthy, though.

    I think CLA is the worst product on the market, personally. If anything, it will slow your progress.

  • Dustin

    What are you thoughts on SNAC ZMA. They have a great tasting mix in Rootbeer float…it really is delicious and serves that sweet tooth I get right before bed.

  • Rob King

    Hey Dustin

    i was one of the first to bring in SNAC ZMA in Canada many years ago. Loved it.

    Havent carried their line recently but they know their stuff. All the DEA drug bust crap aside Victor is a smart smart guy and was cutting edge for sure.

    I need to see what they have out now, thanks for the heads up on this!


  • John

    Hey I can personally attest to the effectiveness of IGF-1. Even for a cycle as short as 30 days you can notice a drastic improvement in strength and endurance during training. Very satisfied.

  • John

    Sorry I forgot to mention that this product is manufactured by LG Sciences. Great job on this product.

  • Rob King

    John is this the one you were talking about?


    I havent tried or researched it. Let me know

  • Martyn

    Hey Rob ..
    I check your website and it is very interesting … but which is best protein or whatever for me to lose belly to toned it up?..

    I am naive to learn how is get fit, muscles and toned up?

    Need advice


  • Rob King

    HI Martyn

    The most important aspect to getting leaner and more ripped is NUTRITION & TRAINING> Honestly. Fat burners work but get a good workout program and make sure your eating right. these are the biggest factors to get lean

    I have some cool blog posts coming with Fat Loss Workouts etc. Keep an eye out ok.

    As for the belly area, we all carry our fat differently once you start to burn it, it will come off but there is no magic way to target one area.

    Always eat good clean foods, this is the most important thing for getting toned up (AKA Losing fat)

  • ok I was thinking of getting a thermogenic possible hydroxycut hardcore or xenadrine unless you have a better idea I do have a workout plan also planning on eatting lots of chicken and fish I’m pretty sure I’m going to need a pre workout supplement because I will be going right after work

  • Rob King

    For fat loss Supplements I really like

    Lipo 6 black
    Cytolean V2

  • Grant


    The this is might be what the guy saying Omega 6 and 9 aren’t good for you MIGHT be talking about. There is a segment of nutritionists out there (notably Mike Geary) that believe the modern diet is already saturated in Omega 6 and that we don’t need any more. They put forward the idea that too much of one fatty acid without the others to balance it can be inflammatory to your organs and joints.

    What the truth is I can’t say. I’m a computer geek not a nutritionist, but that’s where that comes from.

  • Rob King

    I dont know man

    When guys like John Berardi, Charles Poliquin and others say something I usually consider it gospel.

    i plan to keep bailing the fish oils in me 🙂

  • Jay Park

    I almost got ripped off. The guy at GNC was like buy CLA, it will help you. Thank gosh I didnt have alot of money at that time

  • Rob King

    Nice hearing from ya Jay. You will always get a NO BS view on my blog. All the best!

  • ERIC


  • Rob King

    Hi Eric

    To be honest I have never used it. I dont use a lot of MuscleTech Supplements. If anyone has used it feel free to post it up ok.

  • eric

    hi rob , what you think of ALLMAX products? im currently taking muscle prime mixed with extra arganine ribose, than after workout isoflex mixed with extra leucine, glutamine, and creatine monohydrate? thinking of adding plasma jet also before the muscle prime. is this too much? whats ur advise?

  • eric

    oh by the way im 43 years old 6’4 about 245

  • Rob King

    Hi Eric

    I think the allmax line is great.Have used it before, great line

  • Serge

    Hi, i’ve been working on my nutrition for the last 7 weeks. We have a Wellness program at work, and i’m currently down 35lbs from my original weight by changing my diet. I am currently taking Firelean/ Omega 3.6.9 and a multivitamin. I’m weightin in at 310 lbs currnetly. My question is 1. how much protein should i be consuming daily. 2. what kind of a workout(cardio/weight training) should i start up. 3. any suggestion as for fat loss(carry most in my stomache/obliques. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Btw great site!!! thanks Serge

  • Rob King

    HI Serge

    Congrats on your success so far! Awesome!

    How much protein? No right answer here but id go like 250g. that should be plenty to keep the muscle on and get the metabolism working.

    what kind of program etc? Well thats totally up to you! Keep changing programs every 6 weeks.

    Fat loss is genetic and hormonal. dont worry, it will come off everywhere if you keep at it.

    All the best

  • Shane

    Just looking for mor information on Acai berry supplements

    I have also found a site selliing a supplement called muscle max XL do you know anything about this product

  • Rob King

    Hi Shane

    Im not too sold on Acai supplements, Anyone care to add more info or feedback?

    I dont know who makes that MuscleMax XL. Any one use it let me know ok

  • Jon Chafe

    Hey Rob,

    I started reading up on the ZMA and was wondering. I take the ON optimen multi-vitamin which has 30mg of zinc, 5 mg of magnesium, and 50 mg of vitamin b6. looking at the Optimum ZMA, it has 30mg of zinc aswell along with 10.5 mg of vitamen b6 and 450mg of magnesium ( as Aspartate) which can increase muscle developement drastically. wondering if there are any true side effects? from the articles on the supliment, it says that because it is all natural it has no known side affects but there has to be something?

    also, is it safe to use this product together with the multivitamin?

  • Rob King

    Hey Jon

    Go with a good ZMA like optimum or primaforce, they are worth the $$

    you can add zma with any stack, its well worth it. slight chance of test increase and improved sleep and recovery,

  • con

    hey i wana rip up in september and i just want to know wat protein 2 buy… i wana do a 12 week riping cycle

  • James Tipton

    Hey Rob,
    I have a couple of questions, 1rst the Jack 3d says do notuse more than 5 days out of 7,I have split my workout up : upper body one day, abbs & lower the next: and I’m in the gym everyday. Is there an alt. to get the same results without the so-called unwanted effects the lable warns about?
    2nd , when is the best time to take the extend? I’m in the gym everyday at around 3:00pm for about 2 hours a day.
    also what, if anything do you know about this ‘ Tsunami Strike ‘ , it sounds good , but out of my price range.

  • Juan Carlos

    Hey Rob,

    Ive been working out consistantly for the past 4 years. Used to be about 40 pounds overweight and have lost it since. Currently im trying to build some muscle and lose fat in my belly. I guess the question i have is there a product i can take that could help me get these results quicker? Also recently ive been experiencing alot of fatique and pain. Is there a recommended time to rest your body? Ive only really taken about 2 weeks rest in 4 years

  • Juan Carlos

    Also i am currently taking Methyl 1D, T911 and a performance creatine (pill form). Are these safe products to take?

  • Larry Currence

    While Soy may not rank with Whey, it is certainly not WORTHLESS!

    The clinical study done at the University Of Chapel Hill about estrogenic effects were based on tests performed on labs rats, not humans. (suggested as a possibility, not found)

    1. Based on large/abnormal consumption (5x the normal amount of genistein)
    2. Tested on young rats or embryos.

    I haven’t read where the FDA plans on pulling soy milk because of infant problems linked to it’s consuption.
    And too much of anything isn’t good, no matter what the source.

    My personal preference happens to be Whey, by the way.

  • dinos

    all of this info are true …but it is paid bye the compaies to promote this and that brand…..

    wake up people….

  • Jonnyboy

    im just curious…i started lifting about 6 months ago…started at 140lbs at 6 foot tall…was taking purple K with a weight gain protien, omega 3 chew, tri flex sport, and GNC Mega mens sport vitamens…putting on 25 pounds has been great but my results have pretty much came to a stand still….cant seem to get over the 165 lbs mark…im gonan say im a hardgainer…

    im currently switching my routine, and supplement…gonna try out the encharge and stack it with the helix 24 with a non weight gainer protien and the same vitamins… i eat losts also…is there anything else i could be doing..?

  • Rob King

    Hey man,

    Dont say you are stuck because then your mind will convince you that you are stuck.

    Supps sound good, but more important how is your TRAINING & NUTRITION??? you didnt even mention these 2 factors and these are the BIGGEST factors for making gains!!

    Give me more info and I will try to help you ok.

  • hey Rob i was wondering if Vectron from prosource works because it has alot of good reviews. i am looking forward to get lean for the summer.

  • Rob King

    Hey Issac

    I havent used it because I haven’t use any pro source supplements (I live in Canada). Keep me posted all the same ok! Really appreciate feedback

  • Paul Dragotto