Jack3d In Canada

Jack3d In Canada

Jack3d In Canada

So I would love to tell you about how I can sell you  Jack3d in Canada, but it seems that Health Canada won’t let me do that.

For some strange reason 90% of online retailers are allowed to sell Jack3d in Canada, however I am not allowed.  Go figure.

To check my rant on the banning of Jack3d in Canada check out my rant “Jack3d Banned In Canada“.

I inquired about this to find out and the only information they could tell me was they were following up on an complaint.  When I asked if they were checking other online supplement companies in Canada, they informed me of “NO”, but they would if I wanted to make a

Go figure. Not my style thanks.

What I don’t get about the whole banning of Jack3d in Canada is that it’s impossible to find ANY information on it!

I am not allowed to sell Jack3d in Canada, yet I can’t seem to find where it says I can’t and exactly why.

It really makes me mad that supplements get banned for no sound reason, yet I can walk into any Shoppers Drug Mart or Pharmacy and you can find a thousand items more dangerous than jack3d.  Hell I can even walk into any corner store and buy cigarettes, beer and many other terrible unhealthy things.  But I guess without having huge taxes there is no benefit to our government.

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There have been NO deaths associated with 1,3-Dimethylamylamine (the main ingredient in Jack3d in Canada), nor can I find ANY information about severe health problems.  It really makes me mad that something can be banned for no reason at all yet I can find far worse things for me at any corner store or grocery store.

Anyways that is my rant.

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Let’s hope Jack3d In Canada becomes legal again sometime soon!

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