Top 10 Goals For 2010!! What’s YOURS?

Top 10 Goals For 2010!! What’s YOURS?

So it’s 7am on Jan 31 (yes the morning & I hate mornings) and I haven’t slept yet!  I spent the night hanging with a close friend that I only get to see once a year.  It’s a time I really enjoy as we play catch up on everything from the past year in a few hours, it really puts a lot of things in perspective!!

This year has been a good year for me, I have done many things differently and have met some fantastic people that have helped me get re-motivated and improve myself & my business(s) even more!

But this isn’t about me.  It’s about YOU!  The people who read this blog!  The people I chat with at Heavyweights, at Bushido, via EMAIL.  You that is reading this right NOW.

I will share with you my 10 goals for 2010 but I want to HEAR YOUR GOALS!  Before you leave this page or click off to go surf somewhere take a few minutes and put down on paper YOUR GOALS!  I WANT TO READ THEM!  I want to know what is important to everyone that reads this blog!

Maybe your goals can be helped by me, or maybe someone else who reads this blog!  The world is a small place and sometimes to improve we need help from others and you never know who may be the person to help you get to that next goal!

SO WRITE THEM DOWN HERE!  PLEASE! It will make for some fantastic reading, and also by writing goals down you make them REAL.  So take a few minutes and write them here!

My top 10 Goals For 2010

  1. Help more people attain THEIR goals!  I know this sounds cliché but my #1 goal this year is to HELP MORE PEOPLE.
  2. Get hired by St. John’s Regional Fire Dept.  I want that job so I can help other people in need.
  3. Have a PRO MMA Fight!  I was suppose to have one in August that got cancelled,  time to get that going again!
  4. Get my Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!!
  5. Make ME a priority!  I spend a lot of time helping others with their fitness and training, I want to refocus on my own training and goals and make this a awesome year!
  6. Make a huge impact on someone I barely know.  This may sound stupid but I think of ALL the people that have impacted me over the years, and I want to be one of those people that makes an impact on someone!
  7. Work Less but Work SMARTER.  Less hours but more productivity!
  8. Take a vacation for me and Danielle for at least 2 weeks.
  9. Write & Publish 2 Books (this is in the works)
  10. Get Crossfit Certified

So Come ON! Let’s Hear Em!  Id love to hear form at LEAST 10 people here!!

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  • stephen bennett

    Good List rob, fucking awesome. it’d be great to see you fight pro this year!

    my 10 things
    1.) Get married this summer to Kimberly. I don’t care how sappy it is to put this here haha.
    2.) Have my first pro mma fight, which means. I have to work a ton harder. Keep focused.
    3.) Compete in as many bjj tournaments as possible this year to really up my bjj game and get comfortable with competing more and more.
    4.) Have atleast 1, hopefully more amateur boxing bouts. (ALOT of work to do here)
    5.) Go on vacation somewhere beautiful (AND WARM) with Kimberly.
    6.) Get to atleast my yellow, hopefully an orange belt in judo this year.
    7.) Move to the west coast of Canada before the year is out to get even more training.
    8.) Get closer to buying our own home.
    9.) Read more. Use to be an avid reader, wanna start being one again. Miss working my mind as much as i now work my body.
    10.) Experience more things. Be more positive and try lots of new things.

    wow. after re-reading. i have no life outside of martial arts training… oh well.

  • Robert

    1. put more time into school/work harder
    2. go on actkins diet again for at least a month or two
    3. drop my bodt fat % down current 30% 230 lbs 5’11
    4. play a little less xbox
    5. make the u18 provincial rugby team
    6. increase my cardio
    7. eat healthy/don’t eat junk

    that’s all I can think of for now.

  • Hughie

    My biggest goal for 2010 is getting through the P90X workout (a ninety day workout) Without giving up after the first few weeks or thirty days! Hopefully after this workout I will have a better body one that I will feel a lot better about.

    Also like Rob I want to be able to help my friends and others with any advice I can to help them achieve their goals.

  • David

    My one and only 2010 goal is to contiue to train my a** off to put on 20 more pounds of mass. And one of my 2012 goals is to tale part and hope to win a compition here in Missouri. But before I can do that I need to gain 50 more pounds of mass. So by the end of 2010 I would like to be 250 to 260.

  • Jonathon Lilly

    1. To Lose 25 Lbs
    2. Get Engaged
    3. Finish my Catering Course
    4. Join Jiu-Jitsu
    5. Hopefully Join the Naval Reserves
    6. Spend more time with my family (ei. Mom, Dad, etc)
    7. Spend as much time Training as I can
    8. Volunteer somewhere. I’ve always wanted to Volunteer a few hours a week someplace that would help the less fortunate, but with my hectic work schedule I never seem to be able to.
    9. Make some headway in being able to Buy a House
    10. Spend less money on Material stuff that I don’t really need

    Thanks Rob. For all the advice I get from you at Bushido & for having this blog.

  • Charles Borg

    Awesome list Rob!

    1. Gain as much muscle as possible, then burn as much fat off in my leaning stage.
    2. Enter a NLABBA contest (Juniors)
    3. Start Training at Bushido (mma, BJJ)
    4. Have a mma fight! Pro or Amateur (Both would be kick ass lol!!)
    5. Continue my flying training and become a licensed pilot during the summer!
    6. Travelling around would be pretty awesome!
    7. Meet some Pro Bodybuilders ( Jay Cutler, Dexter Jackson, Arnold would be sick to meet!!! lol)
    8. Enter in some international Bodybuilding competitions if #1 is successful.
    9. Check out California and Gold’s gym and possibly move down there to train.
    10. And finally, if #9 happens, I would love to get a job with the US Air Force, Navy or Marines.

    Thanks a lot rob! See you soon for sure!

  • Rob King

    Some Great Stuff Here Guys!! Hopefully we can get more! I love reading these!

  • Craig Moulton

    1. Work on my ground work
    2. Pay off my student loan
    3. Get started at respiratory therapy (So pick up smoking boys, I’ll be needing patients :p)
    4. Lean up a little bit
    5. I’ve been meaning to ride my bicycle from St. John’s to Gander for a year or two now, hopefully this will be the year
    6. Try and cut down the xenergy’s (I’m not really looking forward to this one, and I’m confident it won’t last long)
    7. Learn to cook a turkey

  • Gillian Mandville

    My first goal, I’ll call health and body, which has several small goals within it:
    1) -I WILL NOT turn into the fat nurse! Get my ass to the gym on my days off, partner or not. I work 12 hr shifts so getting in on work days is not an option. I work 4 on 5 off so that leaves me with 5 straight days of workouts. Does anyone know how the four days of not being in the gym will affect my progress and what can I do about it?
    -Drink more water
    -No, or very limited, alcohol
    -Stretch every day!
    -Incorporate skipping into my cardio
    -Floss more
    -Cut down portion size and not eat the chocolates at work that patients leave us. (P.S. if you’re ever in the hospital for any length of time and want to thank your nurses, try leaving us with a fruit or veggie tray instead of loads of chocolates lol!)

    2) -Same as you Rob, prioritize myself as first more often rather than everyone else. You know I have serious issues with this one!

    3) -And last but not least, Try to change the things in my life that make me unhappy and live with the decisions I’ve made with a positive attitude.

    I know this is not ten goals but I don’t have 10 yet. I’ll start off small and then bigger, better changes will follow.

    Happy New Year!

  • Steve Piercey

    1. Run the Telly ten

    2. orange belt in judo

    3. yellow belt in BJJ

    4. finish renovating my basement(Its already been a year!!)

  • AJ

    1. RCMP
    2.Brown belt in Judo better
    4.get laid more LOL
    5.cut down on stress
    6.stop causing stress
    7.Play more guitar
    8. Run the tely
    9. Throw Sensi Noel on my Jui Jitsu

  • Barry

    A few of my goals seem to run into each other but here goes…

    1. Clean up my diet
    2. Drink less pop/soda
    3. Drop 40-50 lbs by the end of the year
    4. Be more consistent in my training
    5. Set up my kickboxing gym at home
    6. Spend more time with my family (wife, kids, parents)
    7. Try and have a more positive attitude
    8. Cut back on needless spending
    9. Lose weight
    10. Lose more weight

  • Amy

    1) Get in the best shape I can for a year, before planning baby number 2!

    2) Make more time for my husband

    3) The volunteer work I put on hold after I had Max, will be in my top 5 priorities til I go back to work in June.

    4) When someone I used to be close to crosses my mind, I’ll pick up the phone just to say hi, and see how they’re doing. (Did this twice already this week!)

    5) Organize my house better, de-clutter, de-stress!

    6) Get cracking on plans for the house we’re building.

    7) Get a career that’s related to my education, something rewarding, not just for the money.

    8) Help Adam get his business plan done.

    9) Get the dog fixed(We’re no longer breeding our German Shepherd)

    10) Get into Heavyweights to pick up some supplements(hopefully today!)

  • Rob King

    Some great feedback everyone! Thanks for sharing!! Anyone else post it up!!

    Amy this was great
    “4) When someone I used to be close to crosses my mind, I’ll pick up the phone just to say hi, and see how they’re doing. (Did this twice already this week!)”