Strength Tip : Dead Stop Every Deadlift (NO Touch & Go’s)

Strength Tip : Dead Stop Every Deadlift (NO Touch & Go’s)

I have to admit I used to do this.

I mean you can lift the same weight and get way more reps by doing a touch and go deadlift.

Basically if you can get that first rep you can more than likely get another 3-4 or more reps so this has to be a good thing right?

Not really.

What Is A Touch & Go Deadlift?

A touch and go deadlift is when after the first rep when you lower to the ground you slightly touch or bounce the rep off the ground to get more reps.


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You see this done in Crossfit competitions a lot.

When you do a deadlift it starts from a dead weight position.  Unlike a squat or a bench press where the lift starts with a lowering (eccentric) the deadlift starts with a concentric.  There is no eccentric on your first lift, it starts dead, there is no movement.


Pros Of Touch & Go Deadlifts

– You Gan Get More Reps

– Improved Lock Out Power

– Improved TUT Time Under Tension (good for building muscle)

Cons Of Touch & Go Deadlifts

– Higher Risk Of Injury (This is important)

– Not A True Deadlift (Every first rep starts dead)

– Not Useful In Any Competition (Except Crossfit & Sometimes StrongMan)


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Rob’s Thoughts : While I think touch and go deadlifts (like everything in the gym) can have a purpose, I think most people abuse this type of deadlift to appease ego more than actual progress. 

For BodyBuilding and Crossfit it does have a purpose.  If you are a PowerLifter I don’t see any real point except for increasing your chances of getting hurt.  Leave your ego at the door and always train hard and smart.

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