Strength Tip : Don’t Miss Lifts

Strength Tip : Don’t Miss Lifts

Here is a simple thing to do in your training or when training clients.

Don’t miss lifts.

Years ago when I used to train at the local YMCA where I worked as a personal trainer week in and week out I would see people constantly maxing out (mostly young guys between 18-22). Every week was a new PR attempt (mostly on bench press as well).

While PR’s are a great thing and I think it’s always good to plan to test your PR’s (ether after a training block or on the competition platform) one thing I hate seeing is people missing reps.

Here is a simple rule : Don’t Miss Lifts In Training.


Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Miss Lifts


1. It Messes With Your Confidence

Once you miss a lift, or start missing lifts often your confidence will take a hit.  Being confident in yourself or that you will make that lift is as much mental as it is physical.  If your mind isn’t ready your body will not follow.


2. Increase Chance Of Injury

All too often the miss you lift is the miss that hurts you and trust me injuries are going to play a big role in your training and your life.  Take it from me I know as I have had many.  The best thing you could do to treat an injury is to prevent it. Always leave a little in the tank.  Better to leave 5 lbs off the bar then add 5 lbs too many and get hurt so that you are set back weeks and months, if not your whole life.


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3. Slow & Steady Wins The Race In Strength

When you first start lifting every week or two you will hit a PR.  It’s like winning the fitness jackpot.  Then the longer you train the harder it is to get those PR’s and get those numbers up. 
Don’t be greedy with your PR’s.  Take them slow and steady.  A 2.5 lb PR every 6 weeks is better than a 20 lb. PR and blowing out your shoulder or your back after 3 months.

When it comes to strength you have to think long term, you have to think about keeping your body and your mind healthy and strong.  Leave your ego at the door, always respect the weights or they will make you earn your respect. 


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NOTE : The goal is to always not miss reps but sooner or later you will.  The goal is to MINIMIZE missing reps.  In my last 3 years training I have only missed one squat in the gym and that was because of a shoulder injury.  I can’t recall the last time I missed a bench press in the gym, but I have missed my 3rd on the platform a few times, same with deadlifts.  If you are going to miss a rep save it when you need it.  But the goal should always be to NOT MISS LIFTS.


Train Hard, Train Smart & Don’t Miss Reps.


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