Tip : Finish Your Workouts With A Weighted Carry

Tip : Finish Your Workouts With A Weighted Carry

Finish every workout with a weighted carry variation.

Adding a weighted carry variation every day has numerous benefits for strength, posture, improving grip, mental toughness, fat loss and reducing injuries and more.

It’s very simple, at the end of every workout you will pick one weighted carry variation and use this as a finisher for your workout.

Here are some variations you can use :

– Farmers WalkIMG_2585

– Double Dumbell Carry

– Double Kettlebell Carry

– Single Arm Dumbell Carry (DB Suitcase Carry)

– Single Arm Kettlebell Carry (KB Suitcase Carry)

– Double Kettlebell Rack Carry

– Single Arm Overhead KB Carry

– Overhead Bar Carry

– Plate Pinch Carry

The variation of carries and carry challenges are endless.

Pick a carry a day and finish your workout with a weighted carry every day.


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