Trainer Tip : Get Your Clients To “Hit Stuff”

Trainer Tip : Get Your Clients To “Hit Stuff”

I am launching something new on my blog and it’s going to be called “Trainer Tip”.

In this I will share some coaching and training tips that can help you become a better coach and personal trainer.


In this “Trainer Tip” I want to share with you something your clients will love. That is hitting stuff.

Yes it sounds so simple, but there is something cathartic and fun about hitting stuff.

There are so many options for this. Look at the popularity of kickboxing and boxing and how good it makes people feel.

So in your training add in some hitting and striking stations, your clients will love it.


Some options are :

– Bag Work

– Pad Work

– Tire & Sledge Hammer

– Slam Balls (we use these a lot)

– Med Balls / Dynamex Balls Thrown at a wall


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Below are two clips of me having a tire and sledge in my workouts. One workout I am coaching an Elite Fitness/Bikini/PowerLifting Athlete and the other I am coaching a Boot Camp class.

Add in some hitting/striking stations, your clients will love it.


I had a lot of fun coaching 5 pm HW #BootCamp today! Call HW at 747-4700 if you want to try it! A video posted by Rob King (@robkingfitness_hw) on

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