“10 Minutes Of Pain” Workout

“10 Minutes Of Pain” Workout

“We don’t Seek Fatigue, We Work On Improving It” – Martin Rooney

I learned a lot from Martin Rooney during my weekend doing the Training For Warriors.  One thing I loved was his “Challenge Workouts” (which can be found in his Training For Warriors Book).

Last week I posted the 4 Minute Warrior Push Up Challenge, which I did at his certification last weekend.

Well this Saturday at my Ripped In 42 Elite class I decided to up the intensity and created a workout that only lasts 10 minutes but it isn’t for the weak :).

I call it the “10 Minutes Of Pain” workout, as the actual time you are working is only 10 minutes, but it’s 10 minutes of all out work.

Don’t do this often, it’s something you would do once a month for a challenge & fun.

Oh and I SMASHED my previous numbers on the 4 Minute Push Up challenge, last week I did 100, this week I think my count was 128.  I was very pleased with this.

Back to the workout, it goes something like this.

4 Minute Warrior Push Up Challenge – As many push ups as you can do in 4 minutes.

Rest 2-4 Minutes

3 Minute TRX Warrior Challenge – As many TRX rows as you can get in 3 minutes

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Rest 2-4 Minutes

2 Min Warrior Push Up Challenge – As many push ups in 2 minutes as possible

Rest 2-3 Minutes

1 Min Warrior TRX Challenge – As many TRX Rows as you can do in a minute

Collapse into fetal position on the ground and curse often.

Anyways here are some videos of me and a few clients attacking the workout.

Give it a try and give me some feedback.


Part 1 & 2 we got videos of, we were toast after that 🙂



Registration for Ripped In 42 in St. John’s area & online opens Monday Oct 10. More info coming later this week.

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