Boards DO Hit Back

Boards DO Hit Back

If you are a Bruce Lee fan you will appreciate this.

You will no doubt know the famous quote from Bruce in Enter The Dragon.  In case you didn’t know it, here it is:

“Boards Don’t Hit Back”

My recent training video proves Bruce Lee wrong, because boards DO hit back!

As proof here is a video of me working on my hurdle jumps.  Please note that I SHOULD have turned the hurdle around :).

This was at the very end of my workout, and as a strength coach after hitting some training bests, I would tell my clients to back it off and save it for another day.

I didn’t take my own advice and paid for it with being attacked by a hurdle!

Here is the damage done a few minutes later:

However the mild concussion and huge swelling on my head was well worth it to get a goal I wanted to get this year.

In closing, be sure to pay attention to small things you do in the gym, and be careful of attacking boards!

Feel free to leave a comment making fun of me.  I am totally ok with it, lol.

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