Top 10 Tips From CPPS Certification DeFranco’s Gym

Top 10 Tips From CPPS Certification DeFranco’s Gym

It has been a great weekend at Defranco’s Gym doing our CPPS Certification with Joe DeFranco & James Smity (aka Smitty).  This has been a great experience and we have all learned a ton of great information and met some amazing people.

On top of that I got to train at one of the coolest gyms EVER and that is DeFranco’s Gym in New Jersey.

I have been following Smitty & DeFranco for a long time now (and if you are not following these guys you need to).  They put out a lot of quality information that can help you with your training.

Before I go into the tips, I have to say that I was beyond stoked to check my Facebook and see this post from Joe DeFranco.  I work really hard to be the best coach & trainer that I can.  Along with that, I do my absolute best to educate my coaches and my team so that they can bring my clients the best at my gym Heavyweights Training Center.  This it made me smile ear to ear.  Joe is one of the most respected strength coaches around.

Totally Stoked.

Here is a group pic from the first CPPS Certification.

One thing that Heavyweights is all about is TEAM WORK.  At the end of day one of the CPPS we all did the Crossfit workout “Murph”.

If you don’t know what “Murph” is the workout consists of:

  • One Mile Run
  • 100 Pull Ups
  • 200 Push Ups
  • 300 Body Weight Squats
  • Followed by a One Mile Run

As a TEAM our Heavyweights Team finished it under one hour.  No man (or woman) left behind.  It was amazing.

Team Heavyweights After “Murph”

We suffered through this one.  After our Rippedin42 clients had an AMAZING week, losing over 400 lbs. in just one week we wanted to share with them that we suffer as well, and that they should keep “Raising The Bar” (Our motto at Heavyweights Training Center).

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Here are 10 Tips from the the CPPS Certification that can help you with your training immediately. 

Tip 1: Breathing

Sounds simple, but most of us are breathing inefficiently which is leading to poor posture, soft tissue restriction and increased tension.  Learn to breath from the belly.

When trying to improve your bracing, practice breathing as if through a straw.  This will force your core to brace and lead to improved strength.

Tip 2: Foam Rolling Is Very Important

This releases tension, improves tissue quality, and mobility.  All of which are extremely important to lifting to your full potential.  Foam rolling is excellent for general massaging while a lacrosse ball is great for getting into more specific areas.  This should be done prior to every workout & any other time of the day as needed (I foam roll at night before bed every night).

Tip 3: Stability

You need stability before you move.  Brace your core prior to every lift.  This will increase the amount of weight you can lift but is also necessary to reduce the risk of injury.  No movement can happen without stability and mobility. This is true for everything from squatting to lifting a bag of groceries.

Tip 4:  Mobility

Mobility is movement without resistance for the intended task. Lack of mobility restricts your movements both inside and outside the gym.  If you have trouble doing a deep squat or bench press, you could have a mobility issue.  During your warm up you should focus on really opening the hips or shoulders to increase the range of motion.

Tip 5:  Tension

This means that right before you perform a lift, you get the slack out of the bar.  Grip the bar and tense every muscle right from your calves, to quads, glutes, core and upper body.  The more tension you have during a lift, the more strength you have.

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Tip 6:  Fundamentals

Before you can increase power, you have to increase relative strength.  This means that you need to be strong pound for pound with your body weight.  Practice your push-ups, squats, deadlifts, military press, lunges, and the bench press.

Tip 7: The Hip Hinge

When doing the hip hinge, focus on doing it with neutral posture and bracing.  This may be the single most important movement to master.  It is used in the deadlift, squat, kettlebell swing and the list goes on.  You have to focus on breaking from the hip while maintaining a straight line through the back of your head, spine and glutes.  Core should be braced and you force yourself to breath through your belly.

Tip 8: Ploymetrics vs. Jump Training

Most often these are considered one and the same.  The difference is the amount of time your feet have contact with the ground.  During true plyos your feet should be on the ground for 0.2 seconds or less.  If you are in contact with the floor for longer then this, it is jump training.  Be sure to work on your jump training first to learn the technique before attempting plyos.

Tip 9:  Sprinting

Start your sprint from a push-up position.  Sounds strange but when you start you push your knee through so that your whole body is in a straight line at a 45 degree angle.  Never reach your foot in front of your body and keep your center of gravity lower to the ground.  When you stop, you need to decelerate and should finish in a lunge position. (See video below).

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Tip 10:  Intensity

There are 5 ways to vary the intensity of your workout: 1. Rest time: Shorter for conditioning and longer for power. 2. Load:  Heavier to promote strength, and lighter to promote speed. 3.  Volume: Vary sets and reps.  4. Tempo:  Vary speed of the movement.   5. Frequency: vary the time between high and low intensity workouts.

(Thanks to Danielle for her great note-taking on this!)

Here are some video clips from the seminar and us doing some training.


Check out some pics from the CPPS Certification.

[nggallery id=16]

For more pics & information on the CPPS Certification add me on Facebook.

CPPS Summary

I attend a LOT of seminars and certifications.  I travel as often as I can and I invest heavily in my education and experiences.

I can honestly say this was one of the best certifications I have ever done and I would highly recommend it.  Smitty & DeFranco delivered big time both in quality of information and applicable information that we can use immediately.

Both these guys are amazing coaches & teachers and great people.

I highly recommended the CPPS Certification and I hope there will be a level II CPPS in the near future.

For more information on Smitty and Joe DeFranco check the links below:

James Smith (aka Smitty) Blog ==>

Joe DeFranco’s Site ==>

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