Training At “The Renegade Gym”

Training At “The Renegade Gym”

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of training with my friend, a fellow strength coach and a guy who has been a huge influence on me and my training, that guy is Jason Ferrugia.

Jay is one of the top guys in the strength & performance field and I have been investing in every program he puts out.

I am a member of his Renegade Inner Circle and I have been reading his blog for years now.

Jason Ferrugia is the real deal.

So my girlfriend and Heavyweights Trainer Danielle traveled to Wachtung New Jersey to train with and learn from from the best at his Renegade Gym.

Let me say right away this workshop was amazing.

Jay walks the walk, he is a guy who practices what he preaches and he constantly evolves which is why I read and invest in everything he does.

Walking into Renegade Gym I was amazed first at the atmosphere in his gym. This is the way a GYM should be, not what big box gyms have convinced us a gym is, this was a real fu*king gym, and I loved it immediately.

A lot of what I have done with my gym Heavyweights Training Center was from following Jay and hus Renegade Gym.

The Renegade Gym is very unique, but incredible effective. Some cool points

– No Cardio Equipment (there are sleds, that’s real cardio)
– There are no straight bars, only modified bars from Savage Strength (genius, I have since ordered them)
– There are rings everywhere
– 4 Rogue quality squat racks
– Lots of kettlebells
– Lots of ropes
– Lots of jumping equipment

This was a real gym, that produced real results, doing it his way.

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I was in training heaven.

To know he meant business there was an amazing quote from Tyler Durden from Chuck┬áPalahniuk’s book Fight Club.

We did a ton of cool training at Renegade.

Our day begin with about 15 min of intense foam rolling using foam Rollers and lacrosse balls, I love soft tissue work and my old and busted body welcomed it.

It’s a great pain as seen by the expression on Danielle’s face.


Danielle Foam Rolling

We followed soft tissue work with a lot of mobility and stretching.

If you aren’t doing soft tissue work and mobility work before your workouts you are missing out.

Our Day One of training consisted mostly of upper body work consisting of

Ring Work
Wall Training
Standing Press with modified bars
Bench Pressing with modified bars

Jay like me comes from an intense background in powerlifting. We have both spent years with traditional powerlifting & going heavy, which after years wrecks your body. If you don’t relate to this and your are still doing singles and training to failure all the time stop doing this now, you have been warned.

Renegade Training is based on 3 main points

1. Avoiding Spinal compression
2. Reducing Joint degradation
3. Minimizing CNS Fatigue (CNS Means Central Nervous System)

This is the backbone of his training and I couldn’t agree more.

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Here are some videos of our training on Day 1.

We followed up a big day 1 of training with a feast!

Day 2 was all lower body.

We started again soft tissue work, mobility and then began our lower body training with some plyometric variations.

I love to jump so this was in my element. Being 5 7″ and training with a bunch of younger big athletes I loved the intensity.

Next up was squats & deadlifts.

This was a real heart breaker for me as I can no longer squat or deadlift from an injury years ago doing a personal best on deadlifts of 585. I have a herniated disc in my back and I have never been the same since.

But because I couldn’t do squats and deads doesn’t mean I couldn’t coach & learn with our group.

Some cool points
– Squats & Deads are done in reps of 3 or 5
– rarely do they train to absolute failure
– No lowering of the deadlift (it causes too much damage)
– No normal bars for deadlifts , trap bar deadlifts only (handles down)

Genius workout tips which made my own training and my gym even better.

Some of the guys in this gym tore it up with some big lifts.

We finished our lower body training with a killer circuit made up from

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Sled Push
Kettlebell hip swings
Deck Sit Ups

You can check ALL the videos from The Renegade Workshop on my Heavyweights YOUTUBE CHANNEL

What an awesome workout! 1pm rolled around it was time to finish our intense workshop at Renegade Gym. Let me say if you are looking for a unique, awesome intense training experience go see Jay and take one of his workshops, I guarantee you won’t be disappointment. Thank you to Jason Ferrugia, Jen, and Jay’s brother Jarrett and his team at Renegade for an awesome training experience. For more info on Jay Ferrugia check out

-> Renegade Inner Circle
-> Jason Ferrugia’s Blog
-> The Renegade Diet (Highly recommended)

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