TRX Atomic Push Ups

TRX Atomic Push Ups

Looking for an exercise to target your chest & core and give you a full body workout?  Try TRX Atomic Push Ups.


I coach a lot of strong girls and one of the strongest is Nancy. 

Nancy is a mother of 2 boys and competes in both PowerLifting and Fitness/Bikini.

As you can see she is a beast on the platform and on the fitness stage.

Strength, building muscle, and full body workouts clearly pays off.


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When I coach her a focus is always on full body movements, strength, and hitting her core. Her core was an area she wanted to focus on so I build in a lot of movements like ab wheel roll outs, planks, and recently TRX Atomic Push Ups.

She is a strong bencher so this is a great exercise to improve pressing power, hit the pecs, and hit the core all in one exercise.

This is an advanced exercise so if you try it stay tight.

Keep your core TIGHT and be sure not to allow any rounding of your lower back, and keep the glutes tight at all times.


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Some #TRX Atomic push upsfor Nancy @nfldcutie82 during our session today. Great exercise for #pushup & #core .

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