3 Simple Things For A Stronger Deadlift

3 Simple Things For A Stronger Deadlift

There is no other exercise that represents pure strength than the deadlift.

As well there is no other exercise that can help you build muscle and improve strength than the deadlift.

One other thing about the deadlift, it’s a damn hard exercise.

Too many people avoid the deadlift because they are afraid of hurting their back, or get injuries.  While the deadlift can be the worst exercise if done improperly if your form is tight and you leave your ego at the door there is no better full body exercise than the deadlift.

Here are 3 things that can improve your deadlift dramatically.


#1. Improve Your Grip1016293_10152866456525478_331941584_n-1

Bottom line you want a strong deadlift you better have a strong grip.

While straps have their time and place lets not think about using them in this blog post.  I will cover my thoughts on straps another time.

When it comes to grip it’s something that everyone can improve and your improved grip will carry over into every other exercise.

Want a stronger deadlift? Improve your grip.

Want a stronger bench press? Improve your grip.

Want a stronger squat?  improve your grip.

You get the point.

Some of the best exercises for improving your grip are

– Deadlift holds (at your last rep hold your deadlift at the top for 10 seconds)

– Farmers Walks


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#2.  Get Your Lats Strong

Your lats are a huge muscle and when you learn to lock in your lats everything in your training will get better.

Strong lats will protect your spine and lower back and also allow you to get tight on a deadlift.

And like a strong grip strong lats will carry over into every other exercise like squats, deadlifts, pull ups and more.

The best exercises for improving your lats

– Creating lat tension on deadlifts

– Pull Ups

– Horizontal Rows




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Six-pack-abs-Bruce-Lee#3. Core Strength

Another simple thing that will carry over into every exercise you do and every sport or activity that you do is a strong core.

Having a strong core will reduce back pain, reduce back injury and improve every lift in the gym.

No matter if your squatting, deadlifting, doing pull ups, doing cleans, anything that you do will involve having a strong core.

Build a solid core and learn to brace and lock everything in and create tension in your core to get immediately stronger.

Some of the best core exercise are

– Hard Planks

– Side Planks

– Suit Case Carries (with kettlebells, dumbells or farmers handles)

– Ab Wheel Roll Out


Work on these three elements in your training to improve your deadlift and every other lift and sport that you play.  Always remember grip, lats, core and focus on improving them in every workout.

Stay Strong.

Coach Rob


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