Farmer’s Carry

Farmer’s Carry

The ‘farmer’s carry’ is by far one of the best overall exercises that you can do.

You can perform the ‘farmer’s carry’ with ‘farmers’ carry’ handles.  However, since these aren’t always available, you can also substitute in kettlebells or dumbbells, or even a standard 45 lb. bar.  Heck, you could even do it with water jugs, buckets of sand, or whatever else you have that’s heavy enough and presents a challenge.  In any case, a basic ‘farmer’s carry’ rules.

The point is, you should find a way to put this basic exercise into your program.  You’ll be amazed at the results.  It doesn’t matter if you are a 50-year-old mother of 2, a rugby player, or just in a hurry to get ripped for summer, we can all benefit from what farmers have known for a long time.   Try for more ‘farmer’s carry’ and ‘farmer’s carry’ variations.  Get off your behind and put in a workload that would make a farm hand proud!


Farmers Walk aka Farmers Carry Tips

=> Be sure to keep good posture.  Try to not drive your head forward or round at the shoulders.

=> Pick up and lay down your weights the same way you would a deadlift.  Always keep perfect form and posture.

=> Use straps sometimes. I personally hate straps, but there comes a time when they are beneficial.  Use straps on your very heavy sets when your grip will fail.  This will also reduce tendonitis.

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=> Breath Through A Straw.  A great tip I learned from Dr. Stu McGill.  Lock your core and don’t let your ribs rise or your core move.  Essentially pretend you are breathing through a straw.  This will keep your core locked and your lower back safe.

=> Pinch your shoulders.  Avoid rounding your shoulders and keep good posture.  I always try to focus on squeezing my shoulder blades.

=> Brace your core hard.  Be sure to lock in your core and keep it tight during the whole lift and the carry.  Bracing your core will help keep your lower back safe.

=> Drive your elbows back.  This is a hard tip to explain in writing, but you really want to engage lats to guard and protect your lower back and core.  Contract your lats, and you will be protecting your core and activating some of the biggest muscles in your body.

=> Alternate between using straps and not using straps.  You want to work your grip, but when you go very heavy, your grip will fail.  So, alternate between using straps.  Always develop a good base of grip strength.

I highly recommend you add a ‘farmer’s carry’ variation into your program.  It will make a huge difference for building muscle & strength.

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