Recapping A Big Week Nov 12 2013

Recapping A Big Week Nov 12 2013

What a week it has been.

“You will be remembered by the days you take ON not the days you Take OFF” – Martin Rooney.

I can’t remember the last weekend I had “off”, actually I can’t remember the last day I had off and I don’t care.

There is so much to do, so many people doing so many amazing things in and around my life.Steph_p_win

Forget days off.

I have some crazy updates for you so I will just jump in.

This weekend my best student and pound for pound the strongest girl I train Steph Puddicome won her first PRO show at UFE in Ontario in the Fitness Model division.

Steph is a power house in the gym, at under 115 lbs she has a 250+ squat, 275 deadlift, 135 lb bench & a 135 lb clean and jerk.

Most guys don’t have those numbers and she weighs 115 lbs.

At HWTC we focus on getting girls STRONG & ATHLETIC, we do NOT focus on counting calories, burning calories we focus on good hard training and lots of good food.  NO secrets, no gimmicks, no short cuts.

She did awesome and made ME and my HW Team and ALL Newfoundland proud.

Read more about her event and winning  Steph Puddicome UFE Pro Show Winner.
I have been training hard myself with a few of my team from heavyweights getting ready for my 2nd powerlifting show this year.

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My goals are simple.  Compete, beat my last numbers, give my team my best coaching, and have twice as big a team this month compete.  I can’t wait, its going to be awesome.  My lifts are getting better and my training even at the ripe old age of almost 40 (well 39) is going great.  Read more here Rob’s Training Update.

The weekend before we had a few things going on.  We had our first ever Fire Truck Pull for Charity where Team Heavyweights DOMINATED the event with 8 teams and winning 2nd in the overall to the St. John’s Fire Fighters (who stacked their team mind you.. Fire Fighters if your reading this when is our rematch date :).

We won the most overall prize for most donations raised which is AMAZING.  Read more on my blog about Team HW & the St. John’s Fire Truck Pull.


Along with raising $5000 for Muscular Dystrophy the weekend before with our fundraising workouts we raised $1200 for Daffodil Place with Team Heavyweights members donations.  This takes our total to almost $15,000 for the year in donations from Heavyweights and our HW Family.


That same weekend my coaches and I attended a weightlifting coaching clinic for two days with two amazing coaches from Ontario where they taught us the technical details on “The Clean & Jerk” & “The Snatch”.  We all became better coaches and better lifters after that weekend and I can’t wait to enter my first Heavyweights Team into the Weight Lifting Provincials in March.  You can read more about the seminar here Team Heavyweights Weight Lifting Seminar.

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On Saturday we kicked off our 42 day transformation programs with orientation and our big group workout.  With 200 people starting their 42 day programs we had a big high energy group workout where I took control and got them ready for a fun high energy workout.  This 42 days is going to be our BEST 42 days.

This weekend coming up we have our Team from Heavyweights entering in the NLABBA Provincial Event.  I have a team of amazing girls entering bikini and figure and I can’t wait to see them rock the stage and celebrate their victories.  I am really proud of you girls.  I know how hard you all have worked.  “On the day of victory you will not be tired“.


Last but not least I had a guest blog post on one of the top fitness business personal training blogs in the world on my friend Chris McCboobs blog.  It’s on “6 Reasons Why You Need To Offer Transformation Programs” in your business or with your clients.  I am getting know as the “King Of Body Transformations” all over the world now and it’s pretty damn awesome.

Never stop, be relentless, you only live once, make the best of it.

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If you don’t train at Heavyweights Training Center or live in the St. John’s area and still want the BEST in training programs, support, nutrition community and more join us at the Heavyweights Inner Circle.

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