What Really Happens When Women Lift Heavy Weights

What Really Happens When Women Lift Heavy Weights

The myth that women shouldn’t lift heavy weights because they will get big or bulky couldn’t be any further from the truth.

To prove this point I am going to use a few of female athletes from  Heavy Weights to show you exactly what I am talking about.

This picture kind of sums it up the fear of what happens when women lift Heavy Weights on the left.

The picture on the right is what REALLY happens when women lift Heavy Weights.


I want to show you five REAL examples of what happens to women when they lift Heavy Weights.

Recently, five  women from HeavyWeights Training Center competed at UFE Halloween Mayhem show in Hamilton Ontario.

These five  amazing ladies were Danielle, Ashley, Megan, Jill & Natasha.

These five ladies all lift heavy, all compete in PowerLifting and ALL look amazing.


I personally train four out five of these girls.

The backbone of the training I use for all my clients is lifting heavy and focusing on strength, and I want to show you want lifting Heavy Weights and competing really does for a female.


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Every person I show I want you to ask yourself do these women look big or bulky?

First up is my girlfriend Danielle

Danielle switched from being a cardio bunny that loved the treadmill and used to train in the “women’s only” rooms in the big box gyms.

Once she moved away from cardio and focused on strength and lifting Danielle has done some amazing things. In the last 3 years has competed in 3 PowerLifting Competitions and 3 Bikini Competitions.

Does she look “big & bulky” to you?

Danielle loves empowering women and  teaching them how to lift and get strong and is the head coach on our “Strong Her In 42” program at HWTC.


Next up is Ashley.

Ashley started training with me about one and a half years ago after doing our Built In 42 program a few times.  She had some serious back issues that we had to overcome (read more about this on her story here).  Once we got her back fixed up and made her stronger head to toe I had a deal that she had to compete in a PowerLifting competition.

From there Ashley has competed in one powerlifting show, 2 bikini shows, and is now training for her second powerlifting competition in Jan.

Ashley just placed 2nd place in Bikini Open at the UFE Mayhem Show.

Along with competing Ashley is the head coach of our “Bikini Body in 42” program and also coaches the “Smallest Winner” program at HWTC.

Does she look bulky or big to you?


Next up is Megan.

Megan started her journey at HeavyWeights with our Ripped In 42 Online program.  From there she joined “Strong Her In 42” and then my CST class and then personal training with me.

Megan is an amazing athlete and has competed in WeightLifting, PowerLifting, Bikini & Fitness.

I honestly get tired just watching this girl train, she is a machine.

Recently Megan qualified for the 2015 PowerLifting Nationals, won her division in PowerLifting, set a provincial deadlift record and also placed 3rd at the UFE in Fitness.

Megan is now a personal trainer at HeavyWeights helping others to become their best.

She trains intense and heavy ALL the time.

Does she look big and bulky to you?


Next up is Jill.

Jill has an incredible story and an incredible transformation.

After starting with our 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program and doing Metabolic Circuits we encouraged Jill to start lifting weights.

From there Jill has Raised The Bar and done amazing with her transformation and also competing.

Jill has competed in competitive WeightLfiting, PowerLifting and Bikini and Fitness.

She is now co-coaching Strong Her in 42, she is also coaching 21 Day Rapid Fat loss and is also a personal trainer at HWTC.

Again… Does she look big or bulky to you?


Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.45.06 AM


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Last but not least is Natasha.

Natasha is also a competitive athlete that competes in multiple areas.

She has competed in PowerLifting, WeightLifting and Bikini.

Natasha holds a provincial record in Weightlifting as well.

She recently joined our HeavyWeights coaching team helping Ashley with Bikini Body In 42.

Again Tash trains hard and lifts HeavyWeights all the time.


Here are a few videos of the girls I coach training and lifting HeavyWeights.








If you live in the St. John’s our surrounding area and want more info on PowerLifting or Bikini at HWTC you can go HERE.

If you live outside of Newfoundland I am soon taking online clients and you can get more info by contacting me HERE.
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