30 Day Sprint & Squat Challenge

30 Day Sprint & Squat Challenge

Today I am putting out to the universe a “30 Day Sprint & Squat Challenge“.

The challenge is very simple.

Every day you have to MAKE TIME to get in 10 minutes of sprints and 100 body weight squats.

It’s that simple.

Sprinting and squatting are two primary motions that we are meant to do as humans.

Somewhere along the way we stopped doing them, time to get back to doing what we are meant to do and that’s Sprinting & Squatting.



10 Minute Sprint Challenge Details

Find 10 minutes and get it done.

I can be outside, it can be in a gym, it can even be done on your street.

Find some space, and for 10 minutes get it done.

You can read more about the benefits of sprinting here.

– You can do walks then sprint..then walk for 10 minutes.

– You can do Lane Sprints and work rest as needed for 10 minutes

– You can do hill sprints and work rest as needed

– If you can’t sprint your goal is to WALK 10 Minutes Every Day

There is no right or wrong way to do it, all I want you to do is make 10 minutes a day or some sort of sprinting and get this in every day for 30 days.

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If you haven’t sprinted before or you are new to sprinting I’d highly recommend yo EASE INTO IT as sprinting whole amazing is also not easy to do or easy on the body.  So ease into it.


100 Body Weight Squat Challenge Details

It’s very simple you have to get in every day 100 body weight squats.

Maybe it’s 10 sets of 10, maybe it’s 5 sets of 20, maybe it’s 20 sets of 5 it doesn’t matter you just have to get in 100 squats every single day.

Th GOAL is to work up to 100 body weight squats in ONE SET.

So I am throwing it out there now to take the 30 Day Spring & Squat Challenge :).


If you are looking for some awesome spring challenges check out this site “Sprint Conditioning.”




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