5-Minute Trap Bar Challenge Finisher

5-Minute Trap Bar Challenge Finisher

The 5-minute trap bar challenge is simple. You have 5 minutes on the clock and you have to do as many trap bar deadlifts as possible.

Guys use 315 lbs.

Girls use 185 lbs.

Tonight in my Cardio Strength class at HWTC, I had in one of the stations that I mentioned on my “6 Ball Busting Finishers” article on T-Nation: a 5-minute challenge finisher.

They had 5 minutes to trap bar deadlift 185 lbs. as many times as possible.

They could drop or do any rep scheme that they wanted to. If you think weight training isn’t cardio, then you haven’t lifted weights fast!  This will test your body and your mind. You can see some of their numbers below.  These are some pretty sick numbers for females for deadlifts in 5 minutes. 1904115_10153814320215296_1611349663_n


Here is a video clip of my CST class.

Take the 5-Minute Trap Bar Challenge Finisher and let me know your results!




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