Grapple Grips Review

Grapple Grips Review

I remember seeing Grapple Grips in a martial arts magazine about a year ago.  I remember thinking when I saw them “Man, I need to order those, they would be cool to train with.”

Time passed, I never ordered them and I somewhat forgot about them.

Then about a month ago I was in California for seminars.  I was at a friend’s house, John Spencer Ellis (dude is a genius), aand we were there for a work party (aka drinking and talking about fitness).  He showed us his home gym in his garage.

As soon as I walked in, I was floored.  It was just incredible.  He had so many cool training gadgets and toys…I was like a kid in a candy store.

One of the fitness tools he had was Grapple Grips.  I got to play with them and then I realized just how damn awesome they are.

I emailed Grapple Grips, placed my order and got them for Heavyweights Training Center.

After using them for a week or so, now I can honestly they are even BETTER than I thought they were going to be for many reasons.

But first what are Grapple Grips?

Grip Training System – Provides Enduring Grip Strength:

– Enhances neuro-muscular grip strength performance
– Increases your grip strength while doing your favorite exercises
– Prevents grip strength fatigue by increasing grip strength endurance
– Special designed carabiner clip to attach almost anywhere
– Attaches to all cable cable pulley systems
– Excellent for home or martial art studios

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After playing around with them myself, I have also found the following:

– Less joint pain in the shoulders, wrists, and back compared to normal grip pull-ups and chin-ups

– Improved grip strength (in one week)

– Reduction of bicep tendonitis (I think because the line of pull is more “natural” than normal chin-ups)

– Surprisingly girls are very strong on these.  I think the natural grip and pull makes it easier (Here is one of my clients Deanne hitting a Grapple Grip pull-up during one of my classes, NOT EASY).

I have to say that I love using Grapple Grips, and I plan to use them a LOT more in all my pull training, grip work and more.

Here are some videos of a few exercises I did to show you the Grapple Grips in use:


I love this product and highly recommend them.  You can check them out at


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  • Hanson

    Is this product still available? If so where do I purchase these?