Have Only Good Days & Great Days

Have Only Good Days & Great Days

Perspective is everything.

I remember reading this quote somewhere, (I think it was Lance Armstrong…not sure) anyway the quote was:

“Only Have Good Days & Great Days”.

Today was a great day.

At Heavyweights Training Center we had over 350 clients come through or doors and start their 42 day transformation programs.

We had a mix of fat-loss programs, strength programs, our first nurse’s program all starting today.

It was amazing.

Every one of our clients got their initial “Before Picture.” (They all hate that, but it’s so important!)  After that comes body weight, then measurements.  Then they got to hang in our classroom area until I could talk to the group about the “important stuff”.

At Heavyweights, the “important stuff” consists of our core values, our simplified yet effective meal plan (try to eat like a caveman), our training principles (Strength Training & HIT Cardio) and our supplements to help with their goals.

Then comes the biggest part, the goal setting.  I give every one of my clients 1-2 days to think about their goals and then we GFGI.

After that amazing day and chatting with my clients, I hit up a workout at HWTC, with my HWTC Elite crew.

Here was the workout:

4 Stations

10 Min each

2 Min rest

1 Deads 5 x 5 (5 sets 5 reps)

2. A Sled Push

2. B Farmers Carry

3. Bar Bench Press 5×5

4. Back squats 5×5

Simple and effective.

See some videos of my squats & deads on my Facebook page HERE.

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Tomorrow we have our first HWTC Personal Training Certification.  I plan to share as much as I can with passionate people who want to share in our mission and help others get better.

I don’t care how much you know, I care how much you WANT to know.

Passion Trumps Everything.

OK I am out, just wanted to give you an update on all things HWTC.

If you are doing a program at HWTC, thank you.

If you’re not, I hope my emails are still helping you and I look forward to training with you some day.



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