My First Article On

My First Article On

I might be almost 40 years old, but at heart I am a big kid.

I grew up reading everything I could get my hands on when it came to working out.

Getting stronger, building muscle, losing fat, and everything related to it has consumed me ever since I was about 14 years old.

That to this day, nothing has ever changed.

Even now I get a new book or find a new article and I am like a kid, reading and devouring the information, then testing it in my own training, then after that putting it into play with my 500 clients at Heavyweights Training Center.

One of the first quality strength and bodybuilding sites I ever read was

Most strength training and bodybuilding magazines are not telling the truth.  They are trying to sell magazines and advertising.  Every magazine had a jacked up guy and some hot girl on the cover, which is fine, but there are only so many ways you can do chest & biceps on Monday.  It was all the same, nothing new, nothing useful and most of it not practical at all.

Then back in 1998 came on the scene and changed everything.

They provide the best content and the best writers in the strength & bodybuilding world.

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About a year ago, I set it as a goal to write for

This was a big step for me.  This is me getting out of my comfort zone big time, as the quality and content of the articles on T-Nation is the best, period.

I set it as a goal, and I got to work.  It took me over 6 months and 3 articles and about 15 edits, but I am beyond happy to say that I have written for

You can check out the article here =>

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On top of getting my first article published the feedback from my readers and T-Nation readers has been overwhelming.

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Even cooler was the overall support I got via emails, facebook comments getting over 1000 Facebook “Likes” in a little over 2 days.

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 2.06.10 PM

Thank you to TC & Bryan at for the opportunity and thanks to my friends Dean Somerset & Dan John.

I want to give a HUGE thank you to my team at Heavyweights and my training partners and to two of my friends and HWTC Coaches Josh Sullivan & Kevin Farrel. 

Thank you guys, I am blessed.


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