Pulling My Jeep At Heavyweights Training Center

Pulling My Jeep At Heavyweights Training Center

We are currently at Week 4 of my “Builtin42” program at Heavyweights Training Center.

“Builtin42” is designed to give you lean muscle, explosive strength, improved fat loss & make you feel awesome.

Big claims for 42 days, but it is happening!

After the huge success with Rippedin42, I wanted to create a program following my passion for strength & power.  This is my background as I started off in martial arts, and my obsession with getting stronger and faster for martial arts turned into my obsession with strength training & conditioning.

With “Builtin42,” we follow a 4-day a week strength training program and as well we do 2 classes at Heavyweights Training Center.  These workouts are based on “metabolic resistance training,”  Essentially a lot of our workouts are based around Strength Training Exercises that are designed to improve strength, aid in recovery, and improve fat loss.

As well, sometimes we just like to do some cool sh*t and have FUN.  🙂

Well, if you want to have fun with a workout, pulling & pushing a JEEP is FUN!

As well, we add in some fun stuff like sled training, sprints, tire & sledge & more.

If you are looking to spice up your training, get ready for “Builtin42”!

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