Sprinting Powers

Sprinting Powers

This is a guest blog post from my friend and fitness expert Dennis Heenan on sprinting.

Sprinting rules and thanks Dennis for the great blog post!



How can two people workout for the exact same amount of time, yet one person see far better results?

Well, the answer is pretty simple: all exercise is not created equal.


I remember friends back in college complaining to me, “I have stronger abs than anyone. I can do 500 sit-ups in a row and beat anyone in any core exercise…”

Then, I would always hear the famous last words…

“But I still can’t see my abs…”

I cannot tell you how many times I heard this.

See, for the last 7 years I have been testing and trying out many different workout methods, styles, and exercises in order to help others burn fat fast.

I am fascinated with six-pack abs, and feel everyone should have them. 🙂

However, what I have noticed is people focus on doing the completely wrong exercises and workouts when trying to get their abs to show.

I came across a study recently that really summed up everything when it came to exercise and burning fat.SprinterLegs

It was a study done by Experimental Biology on the intensity of your training and in that study, they stated:

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“The group of individuals working out closest to their anaerobic threshold experienced maximal fat utilization.

Now what this means is that those who’s workouts were the most intense, they were the ones that allowed their bodies to burn the most fat.

When we workout near or at our anaerobic threshold our bodies directly target fat as its preferred source of energy, all while preserving our hard earned lean muscle.

The easiest and best way to do this is through sprinting work. Now, I am a fanatic of sprints, yet I know everyone is not as fond of them as I am.

That said, what I have discovered is sprinting comes in many different forms. And that is why I created my own definition for the word:

“Certain exercises you do at your highest intensity for a short period of time.”

Just the other day, a client of mine performed a 4-minute finisher that had her body… “feeling as though I had just sprinted the 400-meter dash.”

See, that is working at your anaerobic threshold. Pushing yourself as hard as you can for a short period of time, resting and repeating.  This is what allows those people with the defined six-pack abs get lightening fast results.

In another study, this one done by the European Journal of Applied Physiology, researchers stated that, “the greater amount of time an individual spends above the anaerobic threshold, the great the effect on fat burning and growth hormone (GH) production.”

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We have discussed the fat burning portion, but how about the production of GH?1-female-sprinter

When our bodies hit the age of 30, something known as “somatopause” occurs. What this does is cause your GH levels to drop quite drastically and accelerate the aging process.

Having optimal levels of GH is a key factor in keeping you strong, lean, and healthy so the last thing you would want is for them to drop.

In one study I came across, sprint style workouts were able to increase GH levels by over 500% in some cases. And the longer you can keep your GH levels at an optimum amount, the longer you will keep the lean and healthy look.

See, what is great about sprinting workouts is they only have to last anywhere from 10-20 minutes to get the kind of benefits I am talking about above.

They are perfect for adding at the end of your workouts, doing on an off day, or even completing as your full workout.

The power of sprinting can never be overlooked.

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“Sprinting is the purest, most powerful physique shaper in an athletes arsenal.”

If you want to start sculpting your abs and your body, sprints must be a part of your weekly routine… No questions asked.

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Forget the crunches, sit-ups, and weak intervals and start performing sprints for maximal results.

To close, I will tell you something that I tell my clients all the time when it comes to sprinting:

“You will see more results in the next six-weeks than you have in the previous six-months.”

That, my friends, is the power of sprinting!


Thanks for the guest blog post Dennis.

For a great program on sprinting check out Dennis’s Super Hero Sprints.

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