About Rob King

I am lifelong student of fitness, health, & building muscle.



I am committed to my mission of helping and sharing everything I know to enlighten others and make their lives better.


My obsession with muscles started at an early age. I had some major influences growing up that must have planted a seed deep inside of me.


Those influences were, most notably, Bruce Lee, Arnold (Conan), and Batman.  Those were the big three who really influenced me in my teens.


I still remember my first workout like it was yesterday. My older brother was big into weights at the time.  I wasn’t.  I was a skateboarder.  (Picture me with shaved head, bangs, and Converse cons…hard to imagine, hey?)


Not really sure why, but I ventured into my brother’s room one day.  (Two brothers shared the bedroom.  We grew up in the small downstairs portion of a house. I grew up very modestly…but I had the best parents anyone could ever ask for!)  Anyway, I ventured into my brother’s room, and I started messing with some big old York concrete dumbbells.  I didn’t know what I was doing, but I sure liked it.  Something clicked.


A few years later, I was big into lifting weights, studying martial arts (earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do) and I had really started my education in fitness.  I started reading what was available at the time; every muscle magazine I could get my hands on.  Not long afterward, I started working at the YMCA across the street and I got a job on the desk.  From there I did their course and soon became a “trainer” at the YMCA.IMG_3918


I was already the go-to guy in the gym.  I loved fitness & I loved helping people.  Something else in my life had just clicked.  Another piece fell into place.


Soon after that I started university.  I was never a very good student. I barely passed high school and after failing out of university three times, I realized that school at that time wasn’t for me.  It was a hard lesson to accept, but in hindsight it was the best choice at the time.  One of the biggest reasons I didn’t do well in school was due to lack of focus. I was too busy hanging out late at night with close friends in a coffee shop.


I had started selling supplements while working at the ‘Y’ to my friends, and I slowly built a following of people who trusted me.   From there, along with a close friend of mine, Heavyweights was created over a napkin, a note pad and way too much cheap coffee.  It started with my bedroom in my parent’s house with a shelf full of supplements worth about $200.  From there I kept working 2 jobs and selling supplements to my network.


But I still wasn’t happy.  I eventually moved to Vancouver, but soon realized it wasn’t for me.  I came home, I worked hard for a few months in a book store, sold more supplements and wrote workout programs.  I decided to take the next step and to finally open a store of my own.


I  knew NOTHING about business.  Nothing.


It was a VERY scary thing to do with no loans, no credit, and no guidance, but I had to do it.

My first store was subleased from a computer store.  My brother knew the owner.  I had a whole 200 square feet to play with and never even had my own bathroom.  My business education was a very big wake up call.  It was far from easy.  These were straight up some of the best times of my life, but also some of the most stressful.



My first big step was HeavyWeights Supplements In Churchill Square


I kept helping people and along the way I kept learning and training.  My interest in fitness compelled me to compete in three bodybuilding competitions and a power lifting competition, as well as getting my black belt.


A few years later, I opened a small gym and from there things progressed (sometimes painfully and slowly), and grew into Heavyweights Training Center.


As I write this to you now, I am very grateful to have found my calling.  I wouldn’t trade my love for fitness & my passion for being an entrepreneur for anything.

Currently I  co-own two gyms, HeavyWeights Training Center & HeavyWeights Transformation Center.  I love my “job”.







Right now my life goal is to transform as many lives as I possibly can with my store, my gym, my blog and my programs.


I guess you could say I’m on a mission.


That mission involves learning from the best of the best and investing in my education. I travel often, and I learn everything I can, everyday.  I believe that the best investment is investing in yourself.


So keep reading my blog.  I absolutely promise to bring you the very best information.  Information to enlighten people like us who share a passion for fitness, health & life!


“Memento Mori”

Rob King



Competition Experience


2015 CompetitionsRobResults

Competed in PowerLifting Nationals in St. John’s
– Placed 2nd Overall in M1 83 KG
Broke The M1 83 KG Squat Record (211 kg)


Competed at PowerLifting Worlds In Finland With Team Canada
– Placed 5th Overall in m1 83 kg
– Set a Commonwealth Deadlift Record (252.5 kg)
– Improved my total from 527.5 kg to 600 kg in 1 year


Competed at UFE Insurrection BodyBuilding St. Johm’s July 11 2015
– Placed 2nd Overall
– Placed 1st in Masters
– Got back to 170 lbs lightest since 1999 and had an amazing time


Competed at 2015 CommonWealth PowerLifting Championships In BC with Team Canada
– Winner Overall M1 83 KG Category
– 2nd in Squats (Silver Medal), 2nd in Bench Press (Silver Medal), 1st in Deadlifts (Gold Medal)



2014 Competitions

Competed in PowerLifting Nationals in St. Catherine’s Ontario
– Placed 1st Overall M1 83 KG
Competed at PowerLifting Worlds In South Africa With Team Canada
– Placed 11th Overall in M1 83 kg

Competed at NL Provincial WeightLifting Competition



Some Of My Favorite Competition Pics